Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Upcoming Vote for a Pickleball Committee

In the absence of many of our players at our snack time yesterday, it was decided by some to form a committee to further enhance the Abbotsford pickleball experience. Since then, some suggestions have been made that all active players should be informed of these intentions before settling on elections. Some players have asked what the mandate of the elected committee would be.

Ken volunteered to email all players regarding the vote to take place next Tuesday. He has outlined in that email what some of those benefits to the group would be.

We must recognise that the pickleball program at ARC is a drop in program, essentially guaranteeing play to whoever drops in regardless of whether they wish to participate in any program or not. We are not a private club, we are strictly a group of avid pickleball players trying to enjoy as much pickleball as possible with friends we have made through this great sport.

Not everyone, for one reason or another, have the time or inclination to join in our snack time on Tuesday and it would be courteous to them to have their opinions heard. Possibly the majority of the absentees on Tuesday have made themselves aware of the intended benefits, and of the vote on Tuesday and are quite happy to participate in the process. In that case all players will be the beneficiaries of the outcome.

If, however, some of these active players do not feel the necessity for forming this committee at this time or do not feel that they were part of the process, now is the time to say so.

It is not always easy to obtain personal opinion in a public forum. That is not everyone's cup of tea.

Possibly, to satisfy all, there could be one question on the ballot in addition to the names of the candidates.

Question: Do we need and want to form a committee at this time? YES ____ NO_______

One person, one vote. Majority carries.

Just a suggestion. Happy Pickling !!!

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