Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pickleball Canada Volunteer Instructors

Dave, Mike, Herb and I volunteered to be Pickleball instructors for a 2nd day for Pickleball Canada as requested by Surrey School Board for their 'Dream Camp' Program. We taught about 85 students in two other schools today, morning and afternoon classes, ages from Kingergarten to Grade 7.

We played different games with them. One tossed a ball and the other hits it, they switched sides after a few minutes (this gets them to be able to hit a ball). One game that they enjoyed: they line up to hit a ball, if they hit it back to the instructor, they go back to the back of the line, if it goes sideways, they have to pick up the ball and sit out, the last one in the lineup is the winner. Then boys in one line, girls in one line to play the same game. Most children cannot hit a ball at first, but after one and half hour, they can even rally. They also learned how to serve and the older ones even leaned how to play a game. Everyone enjoyed it including their teachers!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Teaching Pickleball to Students in Surrey

Today four volunteers from Abbotsford, Dave, Mike, Herb and I went to Surrey to teach students how to play pickleball. We would like to thank ARC and Maclure Elementary School for lending paddles and balls for the students use. The students range from kindergarten to Grade 7. We taught 120 students in 3 schools, morning and afternoon classes. Tomorrow is another day of teaching in Surrey again. The teachers were very helpful and the students loved it. We were amazed how well these young kids can hit the balls and even serve, they just need patience, kindness and encouragement. We also enjoyed this great experience!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All Courts Full Tuesday Afternoon & night

All eight courts were full of players Tuesday afternoon with three snowbirds back from Arizona: Frank, Gord and Herb's brother Rudy. Annette is away in Bellingham, her husband John brought cookies, granola bars and grapes for our snacks, thanks, John.

All four courts were also full of players at night with many advanced players Matt, Mike, George. Dave and I played with two excellent new players Bob (racquetball A player and mortgage broker) and Warren (tennis A player) with strong groundstrokes and volleys. Very competitive fun games!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eight Courts Full Tuesday, Coffee, Tea & Snacks

Eight courts were full of 32 players Tuesday afternoon. We have many more new players. I asked Joel to request eight courts for the summer because we will have even more players when the snowbirds are back. Thank you Michelle for the delicious cookies, red grapes and strawberries which we all enjoyed with coffee and tea.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pickleball Staff Training Thursday

About 28 players played on Thursday afternoon. Mike played with Joan's grandson Brandon on his Spring break. Henrietta and I taught Herman and Jane's sister Susan (tennis player) who is visiting Jane from England. I asked Susan to introduce Pickleball to England when she goes back home. About 12 players enjoyed coffee and tea after pickleball.

At 7:30, Dave and I held a two hour ARC Staff training with Joel, Jimmy, Bryce and Sara. Both Bryce and Sara played for the first time. Bryce is a young personal trainer and a badminton attendant. Both he and Sara learned very fast. Sara played so well that it looked like she played for months. She played volleyball before so she has athletic experience. Andre also played volleyball before and he is a A+ player. George, Andre, Matt and his friends played their A+ games. Jimmy, Mike and I taught four more new players on other courts.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Pickleball, Coffee & Snacks

About 24 players showed up on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, 3 new players: Joanne, Iris, Paul. Herman is back from Europe on a business trip. Matt and Pat came back from their trip to Mexico. After pickleball, about 14 players enjoyed coffee and snacks. Thanks to Pat for bringing delicious cookies, cakes and strawberries.

At 7:30, four courts were overfilled with mostly energetic young players, so the attendant opened up four more courts. About 20 young players (kids, teenagers, young adults) were having a lot of fun. I played some games with younger Matt, George and Claire. Dave played with Matt and his three racquetball friends who hit very hard ground strokes. Temperature gone from -4C to 10C in 1 week.

Friday, March 11, 2011

West Kelowna Annual Spring Pickleball Tournament

West Kelowna Annual Spring Pickleball Tournament
Saturday, May 14, 2011
Mt. Boucherie School Gym 2751 Cameron Road, West Kelowna
Tournament Format: Double Elimination for Participants Age 50 and up. Only USAPA approved paddles allowed (no Apike and Hush paddles).Deadline for entry: May 6, 2011 Check-in Time: 30 minutes before first event(Entry limited to the first 60 players) To register: call the District of West Kelowna Recreation and Culture Department at: 778-797-8800 cash, Debit, MasterCard or Visa accepted.
Entry Fee: $25.00 (for up to 4 events) Registration form:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Staff Training &Teaching Students in Spring Break

About 22 players showed up on a rainy Thursday afternoon. 3 new players: Iris played very well for the first time. Colin is an avid cyclist so he plays well and runs fast. Another new player Joanne played a couple of times. Martin is back from California after two months away. About 12 players enjoyed coffee and chat with each other. New players really enjoyed meeting new friends at coffee time.

At 7:30pm, four courts were packed with players. Henry, Andre, Mike and two other good players played many competitive games. At least 12 new young energetic players were happily rallying but most of them left after less than half an hour. I interviewed some new players and they would love to learn how to play the game. We need instructors to teach them at night. Dave and I will be training ARC staff next week to teach them how to play, teach, encourage and arrange games for new players so they stay longer and come back. We will also be teaching over 100 students in Surrey during Spring break. Any volunteers who would like to help, please let us know.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Farewell to Terry Away to Scotland for 1 year

About 22 players on Thursday afternoon. So glad to see Henry and Rita back from California. After pickleball, about 14 players enjoyed coffee and said farewell to our friend Terry who will be going to Scotland with his wife Anne for one year to look after Anne's mother. We will miss them. He assures us that he is going to introduce pickleball to Scotland, bringing his paddles and balls.

At night about 20 players arrived, so Jimmy opened up four more courts. Three new excellent players John, Jerry and Zack are racquetball players. Andre works during the day now so he only plays at night. Dave, Mike and I played with the new players and with Matt, Andre, George and Claire. Lots of fun!!!