Friday, December 31, 2010

Hush Paddle Does Not Meet USAPA Specifications Hush Paddle (Dec 26, 2010) Does not comply. Note: Samples with a hard fiberglass surface were provided for testing. The production version tested Dec.26, 2010 has a softer, flexible surface similar to the Apike. See the Paddle Material Specifications for test results.

The production version of the Hush paddle is much different than the samples that were provided for testing. The production version can be identified by an image of balloons or a ship. The sample has an image of a cherub and a hard fiberglass face.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolution Ideas for 2011

New Year's Resolution Ideas for 2011
Make more time for family and friends
giving up smoking/drinking
Start exercising
Go back to school / take a class
Get out of debt
Advance in your career, make more money
Lose weight
Set aside some personal time for yourself each week
Get out and be more sociable - make new friends
Learn something new - learn French, learn to play Pickleball etc.
eating a more healthy diet
saving more money
smile and be more positive and outgoing
Do some volunteer work
Accept yourself and be happy with what you've got.
Get regular doctors visits, exams, and physicals
Visit a new destination
Drive safer
Watch less television

The years just keep flying by - we must enjoy every day ....
We wish you and your families all the very best in 2011.
Dave, Shirley and Mike

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Muscle Cramps maybe due to Tight Muscles

Eight courts were full with about 30 players, many new players today due to the holidays. I played with one new player Hermann. Glad to see Nathan and Matt. It was a nice surprise to see Allan and Julie back for Christmas. They told us about Happy Trails in Surprise, Arizona with 2,000 members and many pickleball clubs. Thanks to Dennis for bringing Christmas cake and chocolate treats. George's wife had a long leg cramp that an ARC Medic came quickly to give her medical assistance and she left in a wheelchair. (not exercising for a week may be the cause of muscle cramps from overstretching of unconditioned, tight muscles, warmup & stretching helps)

Many players are unhappy about the pickleball cancellation last week because the gyms floor did not get resurfaced. They said there is no notice posted at ARC so some players came and wanted to put the nets up to play but they were not allowed to do so but they let a few people played basketball and badminton there.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Massive Winter Storm Hits Atlantic Canada & U.S.

A few weeks ago Europe was being hammered by unusually cold weather and heavy snow, severely disrupting public transportation. Today a massive winter storm hits Atlantic Canada and northeast USA with 50 cm. of snow and high winds of 90-150 mph. Airports are closed with 2,000 flights cancelled, disrupting air, rail, and road traffics. Stranded passengers were given cots and blankets overnight in airports. Thousands of people are without power.

In Florida, our pickleball friends play pickleball with jackets and warm sweatshirts on outdoor courts at temperature 30-50 F. On the west coast, we are enjoying mild weather of 7C.(45F) that Dave even played golf yesterday (without winter golf hand warmers). After one week without pickleball (pickleball is additive, we need the exercise and to see our friends), we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cross Border Shopping in USA Saves Money

Thousands of Canadians wait in line to cross the US border each day to go shopping to save money (we waited half an hour at the border last week but it was a fun trip). Many people told me they saved money shopping in Bellingham regularly to save money on groceries, gas, clothes, electronics etc. Filling a tank full of gas saves about $5 -10. Milk and cheeses are half price, a gallon of milk saves $2, a block of cheese saves $4. The same TV at Walmart in Canada costs $999, but at Walmart in US costs $599. People were excited to tell me they saved so much money on big ticket items like furnitures and tires & car parts that are half price. As the Canadian dollar is almost at par with US dollars and it only takes about 25 minutes to drive to Bellingham, no wonder so many Canadians are cross border shopping to save money.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

No Pickleball at ARC on Dec 20 - 26, 2010

All eight courts were full with 28 players today. We welcomed new players Casey and Margaret. Ken and Mandy brought the Korean couple back to play again. I taught Margaret the non-volley zone and how to score, Joel taught another new player. I enjoyed winning a challenging game with Andre against George and Casey.

There will be no Tuesday and Thursday pickleball on the week of December 20 - 26 due to gym closure for floor resurfacing at Abbotsford Recreation Centre.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pickleball Christmas Potluck Dinner Party

At this second table - Right to left: Al, Richard, Tom, John, Annette, Mike, Joan, Henrietta, Catherine, Herb, Pat, Shirley
28 players played on Tuesday afternoon. Nice to see Carol back for Christmas. Marilyn played a second time. I taught one new player. After pickleball, 25 players and friends attended our Christmas Potluck Dinner held in the Seniors Activity Centre: Henry, Rita, Joyce, Bill, Herb, Tom, Al, Richard, Annette, John, Pat, Matt, Joan, Ganbat, Henrietta, Catherine, Michelle, her husband and grandson, Harvey, Kenneth, Dave, Mike, Sara and me.

We had a wonderful variety of Christmas foods: Fresh roast turkey, stuffing, potatoes, carrots, sprouts, pork quiche, two kinds of savory meatballs, rice, baked beans, two delicious salads, appetizers with ham, salami, cheeses, tomatoes, pepperoni, fantastic desserts include Christmas cake, pumpkin pie, assorted dessert size cakes and cookies. We also enjoyed a glass of apple cider and apple cranberry non-alcoholic sparkling wine. (bring more bottles next year !!:)

Sara Wood kindly helped me draw the door prize winners. The lucky ones were Matt, Al, Richard, Herb and Michelle who won chocolates, candies, tea and a Christmas plate. Sara also took some pictures of our group for us. Thanks, Sara! It was great to share this special time with our pickleball friends with lots of laughter and fun !!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Schedule for Christmas Potluck Dinner

Pickleball Christmas Potluck Dinner Dec 14, we will meet at ARC's Seniors Activity Centre at 4:30pm and dinner at 5:00pm. Bring a dish or just come to join us for fun, prizes and dinner !!!
Shirley - turkey
Mike - pork pie
Dave - meatballs
Pat - appetizer
Michelle - appetizer
Rita - salad
Joyce - salad
Henrietta - dessert
Annette - dessert
Catherine - dessert

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Patron Potluck Lunch at ARC

The sun came out after heavy rain on our way to pickleball on Thursday afternoon. 20 players enjoyed many games together. Ken and Mandy introduced pickleball to a couple who are newcomers from Korea. Gary is a new player to Abbotsford who came from Chilliwack today with Andre. I played with Henry, Rita, Mandy, George, Gary, Joyce, Catherine, Vern, Bill, Mike and Dave. Henry and Ken were having a competitive match with Andre and George. People who attended ARC's Patron Potluck lunch today said they enjoyed the lunch and carol singing. Many prizes were given out, Harvey won a poinsettia prize.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ARC Patron Potluck Lunch. Thurs. Dec 9th 12.30pm

Eight courts were filled with about 28 players Tuesday afternoon. Three new players today: Marilyn, Trevor and Tom, they play tennis so they all played very well for the first time. Dave, Mike and Grant played with Trevor who can hit an overhead volley hard like Andre. Dave and Trevor enjoyed games with Michelle and Marilyn. Trevor is a young Starbucks employee and youth leader in Mission. I played with Tom and he already knows how to score. We were glad to see Andrew came back to play again. We all enjoyed the snack Al brought - cookies and Mandarin oranges - so refreshing after playing pickleball, 20 players enjoyed coffee, snacks, chat and laughter together.

ARC want to celebrate the Season with all patrons ! Join the annual Patron Potluck Lunch at ARC Dec 9, 12:30pm - 2:30pm in the Multi-purpose room 2/3. This year's event will include: Prizes, Activities, Carols with 'Happy Gang', Potluck Lunch. We invite everyone to bring a dish to share!
Potluck lunch @ 12.30 Pickleball @ 1.30
What an afternoon!!!!