Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cross Border Shopping in USA Saves Money

Thousands of Canadians wait in line to cross the US border each day to go shopping to save money (we waited half an hour at the border last week but it was a fun trip). Many people told me they saved money shopping in Bellingham regularly to save money on groceries, gas, clothes, electronics etc. Filling a tank full of gas saves about $5 -10. Milk and cheeses are half price, a gallon of milk saves $2, a block of cheese saves $4. The same TV at Walmart in Canada costs $999, but at Walmart in US costs $599. People were excited to tell me they saved so much money on big ticket items like furnitures and tires & car parts that are half price. As the Canadian dollar is almost at par with US dollars and it only takes about 25 minutes to drive to Bellingham, no wonder so many Canadians are cross border shopping to save money.

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