Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pickleball Christmas Potluck Dinner Party

At this second table - Right to left: Al, Richard, Tom, John, Annette, Mike, Joan, Henrietta, Catherine, Herb, Pat, Shirley
28 players played on Tuesday afternoon. Nice to see Carol back for Christmas. Marilyn played a second time. I taught one new player. After pickleball, 25 players and friends attended our Christmas Potluck Dinner held in the Seniors Activity Centre: Henry, Rita, Joyce, Bill, Herb, Tom, Al, Richard, Annette, John, Pat, Matt, Joan, Ganbat, Henrietta, Catherine, Michelle, her husband and grandson, Harvey, Kenneth, Dave, Mike, Sara and me.

We had a wonderful variety of Christmas foods: Fresh roast turkey, stuffing, potatoes, carrots, sprouts, pork quiche, two kinds of savory meatballs, rice, baked beans, two delicious salads, appetizers with ham, salami, cheeses, tomatoes, pepperoni, fantastic desserts include Christmas cake, pumpkin pie, assorted dessert size cakes and cookies. We also enjoyed a glass of apple cider and apple cranberry non-alcoholic sparkling wine. (bring more bottles next year !!:)

Sara Wood kindly helped me draw the door prize winners. The lucky ones were Matt, Al, Richard, Herb and Michelle who won chocolates, candies, tea and a Christmas plate. Sara also took some pictures of our group for us. Thanks, Sara! It was great to share this special time with our pickleball friends with lots of laughter and fun !!!

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