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Abbotsford Recreation Centre
2499 McMillan Road, Abbotsford, B.C.
July 6 - 7, 2013
*** Registration table will be open at 7:00 am on Saturday July 6 and Sunday July 7.  Please arrive early.   Opening Ceremony and Player meeting at 8:00 am on July 6 *** 
Abbotsford Recreation Centre Gym 1 Gym 2
8:30 - 11:00 am 55+ Mens Doubles,  60+ Mens Doubles 
11:00 = 1-00 pm 70+ Mens Doubles,  Under 55 Mens Doubles 
1 - 6 pm Open Men Doubles,  65+ Men Doubles 
Yale Secondary School   Gym 1  Gym 2
8:30 - 11:00 am 55+ Womens Doubles 60+ Womens Doubles
11:00 = 1-00 pm 65+ Womens Doubles 70+ Womens Doubles 
1 - 6 pm Open Women Doubles Under 55 Women Doubles

Abbotsford Recreation Centre Gym 1 Gym 2
8:30 - 11:00 am 55+ Mixed Doubles 60+ Mixed Doubles 
11:00 = 1-00 pm Open Mens Singles 
1 - 6 pm Open Mixed Doubles
Yale Secondary School  Gym 1  Gym 2
8:30 - 11:00 am 65+ Mixed Doubles 70+ Mixed Doubles 
11:00 -1-00 pm Open Womens Singles  Open Juniors Doubles 
1 - 6 pm Under 55 Mixed Doubles
No break in play for lunch. Lunch available 12 - 1:30pm.
Medal Presentations throughout the day at ARC.
Schedule and times of play are subject to change. 
Note: Event times are approximate, some delays in event times may occur.   
Check in will take place on the morning of your event at the Abbotsford Recreation Centre.
Practice time for Pickleball Tournament Participants at ARC will be Friday, July 5, 2013
 5pm – 8pm $2 drop in

2013 Pickleball Canada National Open Championships Information, Social Dinner

Pickleball Canada National Open Championships July 6 - 7, 2013 Tournament Information and Social Dinner Schedule

A Booklet of Schedule of Events, Hotel information, Driving Information, Tournament Information, Social dinner information has been sent out to all 230 registered participants this week.
There will be 6 events in Round Robin format: 55+ and 70+ Men's Doubles, 55+, 60+, 65+ and 70+ Women's Doubles. The other 15 events are all Double Elimination format. 
Players List will be emailed to all registered participants next week.  Please check to make sure your name is entered in the events you have registered in.
The draws will be posted the morning of the National touranment July 6th at ARC.

Tournament Information

 • Players must sign waivers at registration desk before playing. A Player Meeting will be held at 8:00 am on July 6 in Gym 1 at ARC.
Round Robin format games to 11, win by two. If no winner by 14, the first team scoring
15 points wins. Medal positions decided by the most matches won. In the event of a tie,
the team with the most points wins. If still tied, the team with the most points in the
match against the other team wins.

• Double Elimination format: 1 game to 15, win by one, the first team scoring 15 points
wins. Lower bracket: 1 game to 11, win by two, if no winner at 14, first team scoring
15 points wins.

• Head referee or his/her assignee will handle any disputes. Their decision is final.

• International Federation of Pickleball Rules. No non-conforming equipment permitted.

• Green Jugs indoor ball will be used.

• Red wrist bands provided to first servers on both teams. Name tags provided.

• It is the players responsibility to be at the court ready to play when their match is called.
A player or team may forfeit the match if they are not ready to play at the scheduled
game time.

• Two minute warm up allowed. Two one-minute time outs per team per match if

• Coins will be available at court side to decide first serve or sides.

• Winners responsible for providing the score to a scorekeeper.

• Gold medal matches in Double Elimination will be refereed.

• Medals will be presented to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place finishers immediately after each
event at ARC.

• Photographs will be taken at the Player Meeting and medal presentations.

• Prize draw at 1:00 pm on Sunday July 7. You must be present or have someone present
for you to win a draw prize.

No break in play for lunch. Lunch will be available at 12pm to 1:30pm for registered
participants only.

• NO food or drink on the courts.
Social Dinner

Join us for a social dinner at 6:30pm on Saturday July 6 at the
Phoenix Lounge on 33780 King Road, Abbotsford.
The Phoenix Lounge & Global Dining are both located next to each other across from the
Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre. The cost of dinner is NOT included in the
National tournament. Each player will need to pay their own bill.

$10.00 Dinner Special Menu offered are:

1. Hi-Rise Burger -grilled 1/4 pound Prime Rib burger garnished with all the trimmings
served with sea-salted fries or garden salad
2. The Margherita 10” pizza topped with fresh basil, tomato and rich tomato sauce, topped
with melted Mozzarella, Monterey Jack & Bocconcini cheese.
3. Old Style fish & chips cod loin in a light beer batter, served with fries and tartar sauce.

Other items on the menu and drinks can be purchased at the regular price

Monday, June 24, 2013

Practise Time July 5, 5-8pm Pickleball Canada National Open Championship July 6 - 7, 2013

PICKLEBALL CANADA NATIONAL OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Abbotsford Recreational Centre 2499 McMillan Road, Abbotsford, B.C. July 6 - 7, 2013 Schedule of Events  They are also posted at Abbotsford Recreation Centre and online at • Abbotsford Recreation Centre is hosting this sanctioned event by Pickleball Canada. • Please check in 30 minutes before your event. • Please be warmed up and ready for your match when it is announced. • Lunch available between 12pm- 1:30pm. No Breaks will be given for lunch.
Practice time for Pickleball Tournament Participants at ARC will be Friday, July 5, 2013 5pm – 8pm $2 drop in or membership cards (NOT including senior’s activity memberships) 
Schedule of Events
Saturday July 6: Men’s and Women’s Doubles 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, Open Men’s and Women’s Doubles, Under 55 Men’s and Women’s Doubles 
Sunday July 7: Mixed Doubles 55+,60+,65+,70+, Open Men’s and Women’s Singles, Open Mixed Doubles, Under 55 Mixed Doubles, Open Junior Doubles

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Schedule of Events Pickleball Canada National Open July 6 - 7, 2013

230 participants have registered. The City of Abbotsford will send out a schedule, tournament information and player list to all participants. We look forward to seeing you at the National in July!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kelowna Tournament June 15, 2013 Results

Kelowna Tournament June 15, 2013 Results, 80 players, 7 games, round robin:
2.5 Level--Gold--Brian Snyder, Parksville Silver--Jackie Stakkestad, Vernon Bronze--Leanne Desmond-Coster, Kamloops
3.0 Level--Court D--Gold--Marilyn Tamblyn, Summerland Silver--Denis Jacques, Kamloops Bronze--Bill Reid,Vernon  Court E--Gold--Scott Tiper, Vernon Silver--Walter Baumer, Peachland Bronze--Mary Gardner, Kelowna
3.5 Level--Court A--Gold--Robin Jarman, Kelowna Silver--Wendy Porteus, Kelowna Bronze--Darrell Sherrin, Kelowna Court C am-Gold--Rob Relling, Vernon Silver--Carol Anderson, Vernon Bronze--Anne Touw, Kelowna Court C pm-Gold--Ellen Dale, Kelowna Silver--Brian Burgess, Vernon Bronze--Keith Brown, Salmon Arm Court D---Gold--Michael Arding, Vernon Silver--Bill Franzman, Kelowna Bronze--Dorothy Telford, Kamloops
4.0+ Level-Court A--Gold--Tim Mah, Kamloops Silver--Dale Charlton, Kelowna Bronze--Paul Malkinson, Kelowna Court B--Gold--Ross Perkin, Kamloops Silver--Eric Tyler, Kelowna Bronze--Jim Saunders, Kelowna Court B-am-Gold--Dave Dimmery, Abbotsford Silver--Van Mallow, Kelowna Bronze--Jim Scorgie, Kelowna Gift Certificates: Gold, $45, Silver, $35, Bronze, $25 Lunch menu: Croissant sandwich, snack bar, veggies and dip, cheese, Lindt chocolates, juice, chips, apple, coffee

Thursday, June 13, 2013

225 participants Registered in 2013 Pickleball Canada National Open Championship

225 participants have registered in the 2nd Pickleball Canada National Open Championship to be held at ARC and Yale Secondary School on July 6-7, 2013. We have 21 events in age and open categories. The Open Mens Singles will have about 20 players. Many events have 12-16 teams. We have some top players in their 20's and more than a dozen top skill level 5.0 players are coming to compete this year. They are coming from all over North America, including Ontario, Florida, Ohio, Virginia and even Alaska. About 18% of the players are coming from the USA. A schedule, tournament information and players list will be send out in the coming weeks to all participants. Abbotsford News will be there to report this very exciting huge Natioanl event!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Victoria News on Pickleball June 6, 2013

By Kyle Slavin - Victoria News
Justin Samra isn’t your typical pickleballer.
The 18-year-old is about 45 years younger than most active pickleball athletes in Saanich, but he’s quickly learned that age is just a number when it comes to playing a competitive sport with mostly seniors.
“You can’t underestimate them. A lot of them are still better than me. I’ve got the young legs on them – other than that they’ve got all the skill,” Samra says. “A lot of the older players play the game way smarter – they get me running pretty good.”.......... For information on where you can play drop-in pickleball in Greater Victoria or for more on the pickleball tournament June 8-9, visit
Read the entire article: 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sponsors for the 2013 Pickleball Canada National Open Championship

Names of Sponsors for the 2013 Pickleball Canada National Open Championship July 6 - 7, 2013:
Investors Group, Tourism Abbotsford, Pickle-Ball Inc., Pro-Lite Sports, All About Pickleball, Pickleball Outfitters, I Got It Pickleball, Courtside Sports, IGA, Safeway, Bridgestone Tires, Saxbee Insurance, North Bellingham Golf Course, Murray GM Abbotsford, Great Clips, Chilliwack Pickleball, Ocean Park Pizza and Domino's Pizza.
Thank you very much for your contribution to 2013 Pickleball Canada National Open Championship!