Sunday, February 15, 2015

Canadian Champions Palm Desert Senior Olympics pickleball 2015

Palm Desert Senior Olympics pickleball 2015  Photo: Right: Nancy Jordan (USAPA President's wife) and Judy VanAert won the bronze medals 65 to 69 division February 13th 2015. Judy is a regular player at ARC "12 teams, we lost first round and came back from losers bracket . There were two 4.5 , 5.0 teams in our division. Came fom 10-0 to win 16-14 , then from 8-0 to win second game to 15 , 3rd game from 8-5 to win. Strategy used: pick worst side with the shadows first and had a solid wall to look at on last half ;slowed down game against hard hitters" Congratulatins to Judy (Langley, BC) and Cookie Drake (Cold Lake, Alberta) won Gold (MX 60-64) and Silver (WD 50-54)medals!  See results:  

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pickleball in the Comics

Pickleball in the comics this week in the Arizona Republic.