Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snack schedule for Jan, Feb, Mar 2010

I believe that the best tasting food, is the kind that comes after a hard day at work or play. Kinda like when we exert ourselves to get that pickleball shot over the net past our opponents, or when we actually make that game winning serve, or even when we just had fun @ Tuesday afternoon pickleball. Time to relax and socialize with your fellow pickler's with some home baked (or store bought) treats to enjoy. So let's make up a new schedule.

Personal past favourites (what am I talking about...they've all been great!!!)

  • January 5 ------ Joan has volunteered to start off. Thank-you!
  • January 12 ----- Shirley
  • January 19 ---- Rita
  • January 26 ---- Jane
  • February 2 --- Annette
  • February 9 --- Heather
  • February 16 --- Lorraine
  • February 23 --- Gord
  • March 2 --- Henrietta
  • March 9 --- Al
  • March 16 --- Joan
  • March 23 --- Herb
  • March 30 --- Ganbat
  • April --- Mandy

Thanks to everyone for volunteering to bring snacks!!!

Pickleball Snack Time Dec 29/09 photo

ARC Video

Monday, December 28, 2009

Latest Newsletter from PickleBall Canada

Each month Pickleball Canada publishes an E-newsletter on their site http://pickleballcanada.org/node/35 December's letter is not yet on the site but should be in a day or so, check the site on Jan 1. You will notice the great picture and writeup of our Abby PB group authored by Shirley.... we are on the map, keep on having fun in 2010 on the PB courts at ARC... and invite a friend to join you..
Happy PB New Year everyone, and a big Thank You to Grant for his excellent leadership.
Ken & Mandy

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Why should I play Pickleball???

PICKLEBALL - Strange name...great game:)

Truthfully up until a year ago I had never heard of Pickleball. It wasn't until I was asked to help develop the Pickleball drop-in at the Abbotsford Recreation Center that I fell in love with this great sport, as has every other single person that I've introduced to Pickleball.

  1. This is a sport for all ages --- At first I believed this sport to be for the seniors crowd that we were running the drop-in for; which is an ideal aerobic exercise to get the arms and legs moving. But then teens and young adults would come by the gym windows after classes wanting to play, and so it was decided to drop the drop-in ages from 55+ to 16+ to allow for a greater introduction to the sport. My own 7 year old son Samuel gets great thrills out of hitting the ball over the net with me, and it helps to develop hand-eye coordination and patience in him. I've heard stories of some of the greatest players that could easily beat any youthful player and are in their 80's! Whatever your age or playing ability, Pickleball is a great sport to get you moving, get exercise, or play for the competitiveness.
  2. Huge cardio workout --- The first time you play Pickleball, you realize that you can get just about any level of cardio exercise that you want. Are you looking for a super cardio workout? Grab a partner that is roughly the same skill level (or higher) and play a game or 2 of singles. In singles the lines are the same as doubles play using the badminton courts outside lines. Small court space, quick fast volleys, deep lunges get your heart rate up in a hurry. You'll be sweating profusely in no time! If you're wanting an easier pace, play doubles. Just grab 3 other players, and have fun hitting the ball back and forth. Singles requires you to focus on yourself, while doubles allows you and your partner to depend on each other, and there is more possibilty for learning new skills with the other players.
  3. Low Co$t --- Grab a pair of tennis shoes or running shoes that will support your ankles, a t-shirt and maybe a pair of shorts or loose fitting pants and your pretty much set. The only pickleball equipment needed is the paddle. Most Rec. centers will have wooden paddles to use free of charge, or you can purchase your own. Pickleball paddles vary in price from $40 - $80 CDN, made from aluminum, or graphite. Since there is no strings to break, you make a 1 time purchase and you're usually good for life. The 3 main pickleball paddle manufacturers are: S-Type Sports, Pro-lite Sports, and Pickleball.

Pickleball is a sport for all ages, offers great cardio exercise, and is lo-co$t? Doesn't that sound like a great sport? See you soon on the courts:)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pickleball Coaching tips

Top 10 Tips for playing doubles

  1. Serve deep to opponents backhand.
  2. Return the serve low/high & deep so you can advance the net.
  3. Keep the ball in play.
  4. Keep your eye on the ball.
  5. Breathe out as you hit the ball.
  6. Keep your paddle ready at chest height.
  7. Enjoy the competition (AKA relax!)
  8. Look the same after all shots.
  9. Don't let players actions or conditions bother you.
  10. Don't overanalyse your play...the less you say - the better you play.

Explanation of tips above:

  1. In order to serve to the backhand you may need to move to the center or side of the court. Doing this will help you determine whether the player is better with their backhand then their forehand.
  2. Returning the serve 10' to 15' high and down the center has a 2-fold benefit. It gives you and your partner a chance to advance the net, and it forces the other team to decide who will return the shot.
  3. Keeping the ball in play means not always hitting a game winner or perfect shot placement; it's about sometimes you need to just return it to gain placement for intended shots.
  4. Whatever sport you are playing this tip is used, and very important. Eyes on the ball helps our brain and hand when bringing the paddle around for our shots.
  5. Breathe in as the ball is coming toward you, breathe out (or grunt) as you make contact with the ball.
  6. Keeping our paddle at chest height helps us be ready for fast returns or slams, or just protecting our face:)
  7. Never go into any match thinking you don't have a chance to win. Learn to love the battle.
  8. If you make a mistake, sometimes you need to walk away, forget the past. Practice control! Don't let your opponent know that you are upset or frustrated.
  9. Don't let situations or opponents control you. Good playing comes from self-control.
  10. Negative self-talk or negative grievances towards your opponent will not help your game. Patience and self-control are virtues especially in pickleball.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Pickleball @ ARC

Wow, where has this past year of 2009 gone? It sure did fly by fast. Oh well, time doesn't stand still, it only helps us become more intense about pickleball.
Pickleball at ARC will not happen (afternoons or evenings) on Thursdays December 24, & December 31st. They will still happen on Tuesdays, and come January we will be into our regular pickle days, and pickle times. As was mentioned this past Thursday night pickleball session that draws alot of university, and young adult crowd; they are really loving pickleball and want to push for more time slots in Abbotsford. We are looking at the possibility of another evening, and maybe another day-time slot...We'll keep you posted:)
Think of more friends, neighbours, co-workers who you think might be interested in fulfilling their New Years Resolutions with some exercise mixed with a whole bunch of friends and fun.
Send this blog-site to them, invite them out to one of our times, or demonstrate with them in their backyard/driveway.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

1st annual Abbotsford Pickleball Tournament

1st Annual Abbotsford Pickleball Tournament!!!

Doesn't that have a nice ring to it? For a group that has been only going for 1 year, and already wanting to host a tournament for all to come to Abbotsford, WOW!!!
So here's our dilemna...We know we'd like to host it mid to late April, so that the returning snowbirds can be a part of the excitement, and fuel the entrants. Our dilemna is this: We can have it at Abbotsford Recreation Center our new facility where we currently play, but can't have it on Saturday, as that day is such a hot commodity to the public. We can have it though all day on a Sunday. The other possibility is having it at the other place where we temporarily played pickleball while the gym floors were being redone: Ex park (Agrifair) where we can have a saturday. I believe their are pro's and cons to both locations: seating, lighting, floor surface. Give me some feedback as to what you think we should proceed, so I can firm up the date ASAP. Abby Pickleball players are the Greatest!!

Stretching before you play

As all of us know, it is important to warm up our muscles and joints before engaging in any physical activity. The attached site below links you to the Canada PickleBall website, so check it out for some exercises that take about 5 minutes before you play the great PicB game.... you don't want to hurt yourself before Santa arrives...


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tues. Dec 15th Pot Luck dinner after PicBall...

Join us for a Christmas PotLuck dinner at about 4:30 this tues., bring whatever you like to add to the PotLuck.
We had a great turnout of PicBall players this past week, we even had to take turns as we waited for the next free court. That's great, more players and more fun. We welcome new players Andrew S, Henry W. and also Rod & Thelma back from Mesa AZ.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Discussion at Social Time this past Tues... 11/24

Always a great time chatting and snacking on tues. after Pic workout.

Topics discussed around the snack table where..
-PB Lessons starting sometime in mid/late Dec, Grant to coordinate
-PB Tournament in spring 2010 at ARC, take those lessons to win gold
-Input on Abby PicBall t-shirts/golf style shirts, so we look even better
-Our PB playing during Olympics, ARC will be "live site" (general public will be able to drop in and view LIVE Olympic events at ARC on big screen)
-An exhibition PB game to be played by our group during "live site" Olympic time, spreading Abby PB excitement/fever to the world.... take those lessons

Dec - Tues 4:00 pm Snack Schedule & Potluck Dinner Dec 15th

Below is the "every Tues. after game" Snack schedule of who is bringing their choice of snacks....
Snacks & drinks in Seniors Room at entrance to ARCs east door.

Thanks to all the contributors of goodies for November,
Tues Dec 1 4pm - Annette
Tues Dec 8 4pm - Dave & Shirley
Tues Dec 15 4:30 - 6:30 pm Potluck Dinner
Please email or tel. Grant at uthdudegrant@hotmail.com
to indicate what category you would like to contribute to
- Appetizers - Salads - Main course - Deserts

Or.. Or.. Or..

Just click in the "comments" area below and enter your item that you will bring + your name. Then in "comment as" dropdown menu click on Anonymous, then click Post Comment.
So far we have.....
Mandy/Ken - salad
Shirley/Dave/Mike - main dish & appetizer
Annette - appetizer
Henry/Rita - salad
Jack/Sharon - main dish
Heather - main dish
Henrietta - dessert
Any questions email Ken at - kwprotek@gmail.com

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009


A big thank you to Dave, Shirley and Mike for posting the Nov 17 & 19th Videos of PickleBall action at ARC - Abbotsford Recreation Centre. Good camera work Dave...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Abby PickleBall tee shirts....

Is anyone interested in our own "Grant designed" Abby PB tee shirts. On the ARC Abby PB posters he already has a starter design with the " (I) (a heart) (a green pickle) (a ball), a quick glance says it means "I love pickle ball" Let us know what you think, or any other suggestions are welcome... use comment area below to give your opinion. In order to view "comments" for any subject, look beside the comments and if there is a number 1, 2 or higher number it means that is how many comments are there, click comments and you can see what the comments are and add you own...

Pic Paddles for sale...

See Grant for purchasing your own custom balanced PickleBall paddle. Great selection of weight, colour (to match your Pic dude clothing) and handle length. Guaranteed to improve your winning shots by ... ??? percent % % %

Interested in PB Lessons

Is anyone interested in improving your PickleBall performance through lessons? Grant along with two others are attending a "train the trainers" course on Dec 2/09 and then in Jan, have those 3 trainers/coaches available to give lessons to fine tune and improve your game, or just learn the basics.. Nothing worse than trying to correct bad habits, so why not take some lessons at the start of your PB career....
Please indicate if you are interested taking some lessons in the comment area below... or speak to Grant directly..

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I just found this video, a great coach giving some good tips on stance, volley and returning shots. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoD6gexDOy4