Saturday, November 28, 2009

Discussion at Social Time this past Tues... 11/24

Always a great time chatting and snacking on tues. after Pic workout.

Topics discussed around the snack table where..
-PB Lessons starting sometime in mid/late Dec, Grant to coordinate
-PB Tournament in spring 2010 at ARC, take those lessons to win gold
-Input on Abby PicBall t-shirts/golf style shirts, so we look even better
-Our PB playing during Olympics, ARC will be "live site" (general public will be able to drop in and view LIVE Olympic events at ARC on big screen)
-An exhibition PB game to be played by our group during "live site" Olympic time, spreading Abby PB excitement/fever to the world.... take those lessons

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  1. It would be exciting to show Abbotsford pickleball exhibition game in the 'live site' Olympic time.


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