Tuesday, November 30, 2010

28 Players Tuesday, Welcome 6 New Players

The snow is all gone with temperature above zero, replaced with continuous rain. 28 players enjoyed many games on Tuesday. We welcomed 6 new players: Garnet and Jordon played the second time, they brought two other younger strong players who enjoyed playing the first time. George is a new player who played a few times, he will introduce this new game to his wife. Another new player Claire will joined us next time.

Our players ages range from 20's to 80's. Bill at 81 years old can hit the ball very hard and plays very well. He said "I hope I can play till I am 90". We thanked Pat for bringing her delicious homemade muffins and apples. Matt and Pat will be away to Mexico for two weeks.

I will do another mixed round robin tournament at the second Tuesday in January. Matt will do two person teams round robin league at the last Tuesday in January. This way we will have a variety of round robins for fun and competition.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

ARC Meeting with Sara Wood, Input, Discussion

Twelve dedicated players played on a snowy day, freezing -4 C., even though the roads were a bit slippery and icy. We shoveled our driveway and tried to avoid driving down very steep slopes. Snow on rooftops of houses look like icing on a cake and coniferous trees look like Christmas trees on a card, very pretty.

It was a good meeting with Sara Wood with nine players in attendance with input, comments and questions to explore solutions to enhance our pickleball group. Sara has finished the 'new to pickleball' booklet for new players. The 'Pickleball Etiquette' poster is too long for printing so some players helped her to shorten it.

Sara has found an instructor who will be teaching ARC pickleball staff. The cost for group lessons are too high so she will be using volunteers to teach 'new to pickleball' beginners on Wednesdays 1:30-3:30pm starting in January. Joel will be communicating with new players and encouraging them to come back again. Sara is planning to have a second annual Open Tournament at ARC next year.

Sara may contact the local newspaper to print an article on our pickleball group in order to attract some new players. Please contact Sara if you have any further comments and inputs.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reminder: ARC Meeting on Nov 25

Only 20 players showed up on a freezing cold day with temperature at -8 C. and windchill about -25C. It is nice and warm to play pickleball indoors even if it rains, snows, too hot or too cold outdoors. Dave could not play golf for a week due to the frigid cold weather that he gained 2 lbs. from not walking on the golf course. Maybe playing pickleball and putting Christmas lights outside will help him burn calories and lose that extra two pounds. Exercising to Burn Calories ... Golf/carrying clubs, 244 calories/ 30 minutes, advanced pickleball players 350-400 calories/hour.

Ken and Mandy are back from a family wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and they enjoyed their trip. We thanked Bill for bringing a large cake, cookies, pepperoni, cheese and grapes which we all enjoyed with our friendly chats at snack time.

A reminder that there is a meeting at ARC with Sarah Wood on Thursday after pickleball. All pickleball players are welcome to attend.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

26 Players Thursday, Welcome 4 New Players

Eight courts were open with about 26 players on a cold rainy day. It has been raining heavily and even snowed that there is snow on rooftops of houses on Glenn Mountain at the 600ft. level. Some snow is in the weather forecast for the next day or two.

We welcomed new players George, Bill and two younger players (one is called Craig) who have played a few times. Bill's wife said "I came to see what is pickleball. It looks like mini-tennis". Linda is also a new player who has played a few times and she really enjoys it. It is nice to see Catherine back from her ankle injury after two weeks.

I am glad that Grant got me a new paddle that I ordered. Like a new toy, it is fun to play with a new paddle that feels comfortable and play well with it. It helped me to win some games which was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

25 Players Tuesday, Coffee and Snacks

Eight courts were open with about 25 players Tuesday afternoon. I played with one new player but I forgot his name. Ken's neighbour Linda enjoyed playing with us again, she is getting to know how to score and played really well. Gord is back after many months away in the east coast. I played with Grant, Andre, Rita, Linda, Henrietta, Joyce, Michelle, Mike and Dave. Andre is an excellent player from Chilliwack. Other players include Rhys, Brian, Mel, Jean, Al, Richard, Henry, Jane, Ganbat, Terry and Anne. Annette is back from her trip to Hawaii and she has a lovely tan. She enjoyed snorkeling in Maui. We thanked her for bringing the delicious cookies and oranges.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome 4 New Players, 25 Players Tuesday

About 25 players showed up on a rainy Tuesday afternoon on eight courts. Four new strong young players joined us today and they want to buy new paddles. Dave and Matt played with new players Rob and George, both can hit the ball very hard and reach the high balls because they are tall. They played extremely well because they play tennis. Henrietta and I played with the other two new young energetic players Jordon and Garnet who also play tennis so they played very well and have very good ground strokes. We welcomed Vern and Linda from Fort Langley. Ken's neighbour another Linda enjoyed to play with us again.

We signed up for snacks and Christmas potluck dinner on Tuesday Dec 14 at 5pm (see schedules on right side of blog). We thanked Richard for bringing cookies and watermelon which is so refreshing.

Nov 16 - Annette
Nov 23 - Bill
Nov 30 - Pat and Matt
Dec 7 - Al
Dec 14 - Christmas Potluck Dinner
Dec 21 - No pickleball
Dec 28 - Dennis
Jan 4 - Shirley

Thursday, November 4, 2010

No Pickleball on Nov11 Remembrance Day

About 24 players showed up on Thursday afternoon. We welcomed a new player Linda, Ken's neighbour who learned quickly because she plays tennis. I was teaching her first, then Ken arrived so I let him take over. Another new player Jerry played for the second time.

Mandy came with her sister and a friend. Her sister is visiting Mandy from Montreal and I guess there is no pickleball there, so they were watching how we play pickleball. They were very impressed with ARC's modern facility and bright lightings.

We are glad to see Al back from his back injury after three weeks. He hurt his back from using a 60 lbs. post pounder machine to make a fence on his farm. Tom came down just to buy his farm eggs, many people also like to buy his free range eggs. Tom, Al, Richard, Herb, Dave, Mike and I enjoyed coffee and chat afterwards.

A reminder that there will be no pickleball next Thursday Nov 11, Remembrance Day.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

“Pickleball Etiquette and Court Manners” Poster

“Pickleball Etiquette and Court Manners” poster by Sara Woods:
This is your last chance to give feedback prior to this going to the printers so please let Sara know your thoughts!

Pickleball Etiquette and Court Manners

1. If there is disagreement whether the ball was clearly in or out, play the point over. The people on the side of where the ball lands are supposed to call the ball in or out. If they are uncertain, then the ball is in.

2. Never walk behind, beside or enter a court while a rally is in progress. Do not walk down the ends of the courts to get to the other gym; please walk around through the halls and enter through the other door.

3. When a point is over, return the ball to your opponent, not merely in his/her general direction. Take it as an opportunity to practice a return.

4. If the opponent claims there was a major distraction while hitting a shot (such as a ball bouncing, or someone entering onto the court), don't hesitate to replay the point. Call stop to the play and then reserve.

5. Verbal outbursts are distracting to your opponent and to players on other courts.

6. Throwing equipment in anger is unsportsmanlike and dangerous. Control your temper on the court at all times. Control your temper on the court at all times. Conduct yourselves in a respectful manner and show others the same courtesies you would like to have given to you.

7. Give your opponent time to get into position to return the ball before you serve.

8. It is the server's responsibility to clearly announce the score before serving each point.

9. Return stray balls to other courts, but not while a point is being played. If a ball comes across your court, call “ball on court” and stop play. Pick up the ball and go to the back of the court behind the back court lines to return it. Do not kick or hit balls back across other courts while the games are in progress!

10. Know the rules of the game and observe them.

Sara Wood
Community Recreation Programmer
Abbotsford Recreation Centre
Phone#: 604.851.4196
email: swood@abbotsford.ca

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reminder: Meeting at ARC on Nov 25

Eight courts were open with about 24 players. Joel was teaching two new players. We welcomed a new tall Joel who played for the second time. Nice to see Henrietta back from her ankle injury. I played with Grant, Mel, Jean, Michelle, Joyce, Janet, Catherine, Bill and Richard. Annette is away in Hawaii and Bill will be away to Ontario. Our thanks to Michelle for bringing yummy sweet grapes, pineapples and cookies. Joel told us that there will be a ARC meeting with Sara Woods on Thursday Nov. 25 after pickleball.