Thursday, November 18, 2010

26 Players Thursday, Welcome 4 New Players

Eight courts were open with about 26 players on a cold rainy day. It has been raining heavily and even snowed that there is snow on rooftops of houses on Glenn Mountain at the 600ft. level. Some snow is in the weather forecast for the next day or two.

We welcomed new players George, Bill and two younger players (one is called Craig) who have played a few times. Bill's wife said "I came to see what is pickleball. It looks like mini-tennis". Linda is also a new player who has played a few times and she really enjoys it. It is nice to see Catherine back from her ankle injury after two weeks.

I am glad that Grant got me a new paddle that I ordered. Like a new toy, it is fun to play with a new paddle that feels comfortable and play well with it. It helped me to win some games which was a lot of fun.

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