Wednesday, November 3, 2010

“Pickleball Etiquette and Court Manners” Poster

“Pickleball Etiquette and Court Manners” poster by Sara Woods:
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Pickleball Etiquette and Court Manners

1. If there is disagreement whether the ball was clearly in or out, play the point over. The people on the side of where the ball lands are supposed to call the ball in or out. If they are uncertain, then the ball is in.

2. Never walk behind, beside or enter a court while a rally is in progress. Do not walk down the ends of the courts to get to the other gym; please walk around through the halls and enter through the other door.

3. When a point is over, return the ball to your opponent, not merely in his/her general direction. Take it as an opportunity to practice a return.

4. If the opponent claims there was a major distraction while hitting a shot (such as a ball bouncing, or someone entering onto the court), don't hesitate to replay the point. Call stop to the play and then reserve.

5. Verbal outbursts are distracting to your opponent and to players on other courts.

6. Throwing equipment in anger is unsportsmanlike and dangerous. Control your temper on the court at all times. Control your temper on the court at all times. Conduct yourselves in a respectful manner and show others the same courtesies you would like to have given to you.

7. Give your opponent time to get into position to return the ball before you serve.

8. It is the server's responsibility to clearly announce the score before serving each point.

9. Return stray balls to other courts, but not while a point is being played. If a ball comes across your court, call “ball on court” and stop play. Pick up the ball and go to the back of the court behind the back court lines to return it. Do not kick or hit balls back across other courts while the games are in progress!

10. Know the rules of the game and observe them.

Sara Wood
Community Recreation Programmer
Abbotsford Recreation Centre
Phone#: 604.851.4196

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