Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reminder: ARC Meeting on Nov 25

Only 20 players showed up on a freezing cold day with temperature at -8 C. and windchill about -25C. It is nice and warm to play pickleball indoors even if it rains, snows, too hot or too cold outdoors. Dave could not play golf for a week due to the frigid cold weather that he gained 2 lbs. from not walking on the golf course. Maybe playing pickleball and putting Christmas lights outside will help him burn calories and lose that extra two pounds. Exercising to Burn Calories ... Golf/carrying clubs, 244 calories/ 30 minutes, advanced pickleball players 350-400 calories/hour.

Ken and Mandy are back from a family wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and they enjoyed their trip. We thanked Bill for bringing a large cake, cookies, pepperoni, cheese and grapes which we all enjoyed with our friendly chats at snack time.

A reminder that there is a meeting at ARC with Sarah Wood on Thursday after pickleball. All pickleball players are welcome to attend.

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