Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome 4 New Players, 25 Players Tuesday

About 25 players showed up on a rainy Tuesday afternoon on eight courts. Four new strong young players joined us today and they want to buy new paddles. Dave and Matt played with new players Rob and George, both can hit the ball very hard and reach the high balls because they are tall. They played extremely well because they play tennis. Henrietta and I played with the other two new young energetic players Jordon and Garnet who also play tennis so they played very well and have very good ground strokes. We welcomed Vern and Linda from Fort Langley. Ken's neighbour another Linda enjoyed to play with us again.

We signed up for snacks and Christmas potluck dinner on Tuesday Dec 14 at 5pm (see schedules on right side of blog). We thanked Richard for bringing cookies and watermelon which is so refreshing.

Nov 16 - Annette
Nov 23 - Bill
Nov 30 - Pat and Matt
Dec 7 - Al
Dec 14 - Christmas Potluck Dinner
Dec 21 - No pickleball
Dec 28 - Dennis
Jan 4 - Shirley

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