Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pickleball Canada New Club/Group Memberships

Pickleball Canada is very pleased that our member numbers have increased from 700 to 950.  We welcomed 3 new Club/Group Memberships.  
6th  Salmon Arm Pickleball Club, BC - 50 members
7th  Collingwood Pickleball Club, Ontario - 51 members
8th  CLSA Pickleball Club, Alberta - 68 members 
Pickleball Canada extends our warm welcome to all the Member Clubs !!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Walnut Grove Classic Tournament May 16-17

The Walnut Grove Classic  Current IFP rules apply.  PCO Sanctioned (Tier 4)
Where:  Walnut Grove community Centre, BC
Address:  8889 Walnut Grove Drive, Langley, BC  V1M 2N7 
When: May 16, 17 2014  More information: 


2014 PCO TOURNAMENT POINTS (Tier 4) Rosedale, BC
MEN   Rated event Name Tournament Point
Mens Singles - 3.0 Samuel Brittain 200 Brayden Latray 100
Mens Singles - 3.5 L.Yeo 200
Mens Singles - 4.0 Ken Franz 400 Andrew McKimmon 200 Glenn Cho 100
Mens Singles - 4.5 Brian Lam 400 Marco Jankowiak 200 Brian Gaudet 100
Mens Doubles - 3.0 Isaiah Brittain 400 Brayden Latray 100 Samuel Brittain 100
Mens Doubles - 3.5 Mark Dana 400 Ben Penner 400 Gordon Griffin 200 Jerry Reimer 100 Keith Rudance 100
Mens Doubles - 4.0 L.Yeo 400 Glenn Cho 400 Richard McKinley 200 Phil Morgan 100 Lorne Strumecki 100
Mens Doubles - 4.5 Andrew McKimmon 400 Marco Jankowiak 400 Ken Franz 200 Gene Latray 200 Ronnie Pitcher 100
Mixed Doubles 3.0/3.5 L.Yeo 400 D'Arcy Windblad 200 Mark Dana 100
Mixed Doubles 4.0 Ken Franz 400 Lorne Strumecki 100
Mixed Doubles 4.5 Marco Jankowiak 400 Andrew McKimmon 200 Pete Neumann 100
WOMEN   Rated event Name Tournament Point
Womens Singles -3.0, 3.5 Bonnie Gibbon 400 Trudy Pitcher 200 Faye Oakes 100
Womens Doubles - 3.5,3.0 Bonnie Gibbon 400 Karen Renfrew 400 Dee Pitcher 200 Trudy Pitcher 200 Debby Holley 100 Patricia Khan 100
Womens Doubles - 4.5 Fion Chou 400 Elaine Lerner 400 Terri Welch 200
Mixed Doubles 3.0/3.5 Ashley Chang 400 Lin Buckler 200 Kas Ingwersen 100
Mixed Doubles 4.0 Karen Satwasky 400 Evelyn Kaatz 200 Faye Oakes 100
Mixed Doubles 4.5 Elaine Lerner 400 Fion Chou 200 Roberta Meakin 100


2014  PCO  TOURNAMENT POINTS (Tier 4)  Mission Madness, BC
Rated event                      Name       Tournament Point 
Mens Doubles - 3.0/3.5   Jay Lindenbach 400  Ted Bryde 400  Mark Dana 200  Ben Penner 200   Rick Oakes       100
Mens Doubles - 4.0     Geof Kraemer 400 Tim Ames 400 Rosscoe Priebe 200 Mike Shepherd  200
Glenn Cho           100  Cheng-Lok Yeo   100
Mens Doubles - 4.5        Andrew McKimmon 400 Marco Jankowiak  400  Binu Brar 200 Grant Brittain  100   Ronnie Pitcher 100
Mixed Doubles 3.0/3.5   D'arcy Windblad    400 John Bell 200
Mixed Doubles 4.0    Glenn Cho    400  Ken Franz   200   Steven Rothenberg  100
Mixed Doubles 4.5    Brian Lam   400    Marco Jankowiak  200  Ronnie Pitcher  100
Rated event                      Name       Tournament Point 
Womens Doubles - 3.5,3.0  Bonnie Gibbon 400 Karen Renfrew 400 Karen Sawatsky 200 Sharon Kraemer 200 Dee Pitcher 100 Trudy Pitcher  100
Womens Doubles - 4.0        Fion Chou 400 Magdalene Choy 400 Lin Buckler 200
Mixed Doubles 3.0/3.5      Lin Buckler-400  Karen Renfrew 200  Bonnie Gibbon 100  
Mixed Doubles 4.0            Fion Chou 400  Karen Sawatsky 200  Magdalene Choy 100
Mixed Doubles 4.5            Elaine Lerner 200    Terri Welch   100

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

IFP Rules Review and Model Designation

RULES REVIEW: Maintaining Possession of the Paddle, by Dennis Dacey, Rules Chair Rule 12.N. Paddle Possession. A player must have possession of the paddle when it makes contact with the ball. . (Added January15, 2014) (The purpose of this rule is to prevent a player from throwing the paddle at a ball in an effort to hit the ball over the net.)

2.E.8. Model Designation. The manufacturer must have a clearly marked brand and model name or model number on the paddle. Paddles with different core material, surface material, or other significant differences must have a unique name or number. Each unique model must have been offered for sale to the general public and samples of each unique model must have been submitted and passed the paddle tests. Paddles used in sanctioned tournaments after January 1, 2014 must conform to this rule. (Added June 23, 2012)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

IFP Rules - paddle Specifications

Question from Quebec: If a player does not want to comply with the paddle regulation, the referee will declare him the loser of the game?
Answer: If a player has a non-conforming paddle and refuses to change his paddle at the request of the Tournament Director, The Tournament Director can declare an automatic loss of that match. The player must change paddle or he loses the match since he is in violation of the rules. IFP Rules:
2.E.7. Violation. If a paddle violates the above rules, the Tournament Director has the authority to enforce a paddle change. If the player in violation refuses to change the paddle, the Director may declare a forfeiture of the match.

2. E.7. (in French) Violation. Si une pagaie viole les susdites règles, le Directeur de Tournoi a l'autorité à faites respecter un changement de pagaie. Si le joueur dans la violation refuse de changer la pagaie, le Le directeur peut déclarer une confiscation du match

IFP Rules - Non-Volley Zone

Question "Is it okay to grab your partner before he/she falls into the kitchen?
Answer:  Yes, About That Non-Volley Zone - by Mark Friedenberg, USAPA Board Member - IFP Rules Section 9 A-F of the USAPA Official Rulebook..If a player's partner is positioned outside of the non-volley zone and is not touching one of the non-volley lines, that person may pull his partner back to prevent the player from falling into the non-volley zone or touching a non-volley line. However, if the player's partner enters the non-volley zone or touches one of the non-volley lines in the act of pushing or pulling his partner to keep him from falling into the non-volley zone or touching one of the non-volley lines, it is a fault.