Wednesday, March 12, 2014

IFP Rules Review and Model Designation

RULES REVIEW: Maintaining Possession of the Paddle, by Dennis Dacey, Rules Chair Rule 12.N. Paddle Possession. A player must have possession of the paddle when it makes contact with the ball. . (Added January15, 2014) (The purpose of this rule is to prevent a player from throwing the paddle at a ball in an effort to hit the ball over the net.)

2.E.8. Model Designation. The manufacturer must have a clearly marked brand and model name or model number on the paddle. Paddles with different core material, surface material, or other significant differences must have a unique name or number. Each unique model must have been offered for sale to the general public and samples of each unique model must have been submitted and passed the paddle tests. Paddles used in sanctioned tournaments after January 1, 2014 must conform to this rule. (Added June 23, 2012)

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