Saturday, March 8, 2014

IFP Rules - paddle Specifications

Question from Quebec: If a player does not want to comply with the paddle regulation, the referee will declare him the loser of the game?
Answer: If a player has a non-conforming paddle and refuses to change his paddle at the request of the Tournament Director, The Tournament Director can declare an automatic loss of that match. The player must change paddle or he loses the match since he is in violation of the rules. IFP Rules:
2.E.7. Violation. If a paddle violates the above rules, the Tournament Director has the authority to enforce a paddle change. If the player in violation refuses to change the paddle, the Director may declare a forfeiture of the match.

2. E.7. (in French) Violation. Si une pagaie viole les susdites règles, le Directeur de Tournoi a l'autorité à faites respecter un changement de pagaie. Si le joueur dans la violation refuse de changer la pagaie, le Le directeur peut déclarer une confiscation du match

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