Friday, August 23, 2013

2013 B.C. Seniors Games Kamloops Medalists

Abbotsford/Chilliwack players won 9 medals in 2013 B.C. Seniors Games Kamloops Aug 20-23, 2013::
Brian Gaudat Men's 4.0 Singles Gold, Men's 4.0 Doubles Bronze, Mixed 4.0 Doubles Bronze
Brian Parkes Mens 4.0 Doubles Gold
Henry Meerkerk Mens 4.0 Doubles Silver
Matt Khan  Mens 4.0 Doubles Bronze
Pat Khan  Women's 4.0 Doulbes Bronze, Mixed 4.0 Doubles Bronze
Cathy Parkes  Womens 4.0 Doubles  Bronze
Fraser Valley had 157 gold, 129 silver and 87 bronze medals from the 24 sports which comprise the Games.
Always remember there are no ‘losers’ in pickleball only ‘runners-up’. Pickleball is a court game for all ages...a lifetime sport!

Monday, August 19, 2013


2013 TOTAL PICKLEBALL CANADA TOURNAMENT POINTS as of Aug 19, 2013 (Sanctioned tournament points: National, Nanaimo, Ontario)
Tier 1  Gold 1600 points  Silver  800 points   Bronze 400 points
Tier 2 - 1st place 1000 points, 2nd place - 500 points, 3rd place - 300 points. 

Points     Winners Name
3200       John Kusch, Elaine Lerner, Jennifer Lucore
2400       Nancy Stern
2000       Brian Lam, Henry Meerkerk, Kathy Parkes, George Pool, Claire Pool, Russ French
1700       Theresa Orcutt
1600       Denis Zhekhovskiy, Terry Saunders, Brenda Jmaeff, Dan Jmaeff, Debby Holley, Diane Hill, John Savoy, David Ulis, Maurice Parobec
1500       Merrie Lee
1300       Pierrette Hebner
1200       Luba Zhekhovskaya, Brian Parkes, Peter Darvill
1000        Barry Bissonette, Caroline Bissonette, Lorne Strumecki, Grant Brittain, James Alberga, Bud Hebner
800          Dave Hall, Matt Khan, Jim Saunders, Roberta Meakin, Shirley Knorr, Wendy Porteous, Susan Nigh, Inge Scholz, Trudy Pitcher,
               Vera Loskot, Diane Gillis, Dee Pitcher, Evelyn Kaatz, Bill Dumper, Tom Staites
600          Helen Hall
500         Ron Pitcher, Glenda Jackson, Roy Wilson
400         Beryl Kusch, Pat Khan, Sue Fosbery, Pat Fosbery,Gene Latray, Shirley Edwards,
               Karen Peniuk, Colin Caldwell, Ken Franz,Feige Li, Karen Peniuk, Pat Thompson                  
300         Will Orcutt, Margie McWilliam, Barbara Moody, Mary Allard, Carol Doughty

2013 Tournament Points for the 2nd PAO Tournament Aug 14-16 (Ontario) sanctioned by PCO: (this is included in the list above)

Tournament Points for Tier 2 - Provincial Tournaments
1st Place - 1000 points
2nd Place - 500 points
3rd Place - 300 points

Name Tournament Points
Russ French 2000
Merrie Lee 1500
Pierrette Hebner 1300
Bud Hebner 1000
James Alberga 1000
Dave Hall 800
Helen Hall 600
Roy Wilson 500
Mary Allard 300
Carol Doughty 300

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Burnaby, B.C. 8 New Outdoor Pickleball Courts

Two tennis courts at Westridge Park are now lined for 8 pickleball courts. Please bring your own equipment and your own portable pickleball nets. Your portable nets can be set up while permanent tennis nets are still in place. The courts are first come, first served basis. There is no fee and no advanced booking. Enjoy the fresh air and this fun game! Each tennis court has four pickleball courts.

Salmon Arm 4 New Pickleball Courts Grand Opening

Grand Opening of 4 outdoor pickleball courts in Salmon Arm Aug. 13. "We had hoped for 50 people and set up accordingly. WE had 140 people young and old !!! It was flippin’ amazing !!!! Kitchen had to go to town 3 times for more food, we just kept getting more tables and chairs out. Everyone was eating hamburgers, hot dogs, chips.....and beer and wine !!!!! And EVERYONE wanted to get in a play a game of FREE pickleball......and then kept coming back to get signed in again and again.  Speeches and the mayor cutting the ribbon. And read the greeting from our pickleball CANADA president via email. I signed up 23 folks that wanted to join the club right now.......several bought paddles. And we had a company come in with demos. It went amazing" reported by Linda Brown.
On behalf of the Board of Pickleball Canada we would like to congratulate Linda Brown, Area Ambassador for Salmon Arm, and all the volunteers on the opening of 4 beautiful new outdoor pickleball courts at Club Shuswap Golf and RV. It is extremely gratifying to see what community cooperation and personal commitment can accomplish.  Happy pickling to you all!

New Outdoor Pickleball Courts in Trail, B.C.

Trail pickleball getting its day on the court  By Guy Bertrand - Trail Daily Time Published: August 01, 2013 1:00 PM

In a city rich in sports history, another chapter was quietly being written out in chalk Wednesday morning in East Trail.  A flurry of activity at the Butler Park tennis courts signalled the official arrival of sport that has been growing in popularity by leaps and bounds.

Although pickleball has been a mainstay in Trail for over five years, Wednesday marked a day when the sport was ready to leave its mark on the city’s impressive list of sporting facilities.Armed with grant money from the Columbia Basin Trust and Teck, the pickleball volunteers were busy marking out the court dimensions that will transform the Butler Park courts into a dual-purpose facility.

Wayne Kissick, a volunteer with the pickleball group, said it has taken three years to get the sport to this point in the Home of Champions.“What finally got it going was the city designating one (Butler Park) court for pickleball,” he explained.

Once it’s all done and approved, the courts will feature two tennis courts and up to four pickleball courts.
Before Wednesday’s initial outlines of the pickleball area, the players used temporary netting in the Cominco Gym and Fieldhouse for winter play and used the tennis courts and nets at Butler Park for summer play.

They drew up lines on the existing tennis court to allow for play.Now they’ll have their own dedicated outdoor space with permanent posts installed, hopefully before the end of the year.

Kissick explained that moving from the existing tennis nets to the standard pickleball nets will improve the quality of the game for the growing legion of participants.  Read more:   

Kingsville, Ontario 4 New Pickleball Courts on Tennis Courts

Exciting News!!! Kingsville Now Has Four Permanent Pickleball Courts. With our growing number of pickleball players, the town recognized the need to have permanent lines installed on the tennis courts. We were very fortunate to have the support of our Mayor, Town Council, Parks & Recreation and the Kingsville Tennis Association. On Saturday, August 3 a group of very dedicated picklers met early in the morning to chalk, tape and paint the courts. The end results were outstanding. Cost:$2.00/visit or no charge for members (included in fees) of the Kingsville Tennis Organization, which now recently includes pickleball. In the near future we will propose a name change to Kingsville Tennis and Pickleball Association.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pickleball Canada First Club Member Nanaimo Pickleball Club

Nanaimo Pickleball Club First to Sign Up for New PCO Club Membership
Great news! Pickleball Canada would like to welcome all sixty-three members of The Nanaimo Pickleball Club of B.C. as the first Affiliated Club members. Thank you Nanaimo Pickleball Club for joining Pickleball Canada, your National governing body.

Tournament points Nanaimo Pickleball Club members

2013 Pickleball Canada Tournament points for the Nanaimo Pickleball Club members:
Name                         Points
Barry Bissonette          1000
Caroline Bissonette      1000
Will Orcutt                    300
Lorne Strumecki         1000
Grant Brittain               1000
Ron Pitcher                    500
Glenda Jackson            500
Margie McWilliam         300
Barbara Moody             300
Theresa Orcutt            1700 (Gold 1000 + Bronze 300 + National Bronze 400)
John Savoy                 1600 (National Gold 1600)
Nancy Stern                2400 (National Gold 1600, National Silver 800)
Dee Pitcher                  800 (National Silver 800)
Evelyn Kaatz                800 (National Silver 800)
Karen Peniuk              400 (National Bronze 400)
Bill Dumper                  800 (National Silver 800)
Pat Thompson             400 (National Bronze 400)
Tom Staites                  800 (National Silver 800)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Results of Nanaimo Pickleball Tournament July 26-28, 2013

Results of Nanaimo Pickleball Tournament July 26-28, 2013. Tournament Director: John Savoy
Event - 1st place, 2nd place, 3 rd place
Mixed Doubles = Barry and Caroline Bissonette, Ross Wallwin and Lynn Hodge, Will and Theresa Orcutt
Men's Doubles -  Lorne Strumecki and Grant Brittain, Ron Pitcher and Mike Bellis, Andrew McKimmon and Marco Jankowiak
Women's Doubles - SJ Lehmann and Theresa Orcutt, Nadine McKay and Glenda Jackson, Margie McWilliam and Barbara Moody

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pickleball Spain Videos

Pickleball Spain Video:
The Great Rallies of Pickleball by Pickleball Spain video:

Spain is a New Member Country of International Federation of Pickleball

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport worldwide !!!   International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) has a new website   Spain is a new member country.  IFP has four member countries: USA, Canada, India and Spain.  Now there are new places to play in Spain, read more on Pickleball Spain by the Spanish Pickleball Association:   

Golfers love Pickleball

With beautiful suuny weather outside, some of our pickleball friends are playing golf now.  Janet and Jennifer discovered pickleball last year, now they are playing both golf and pickleball.  Dave plays pickleball 3 times a week and golf 5 times a week.  In B.C.'s milder climate, he plays golf 11 months of the year (he will not play when it snows).  He has had 4 holes in one in his lifetime, a fantastic record.  Lately he has been playing so well that he shot 2 under par last week.  His handicap went down from 11 to 7.   Summer time golfers handicaps go down because the ball travels faster in warmer weather.  Today he is playing in a 2 days tournament in North Bellingham Golf Course.  He sure enjoys golf and pickleball !!