Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Pickleball, Coffee Time with Friends

About 22 players on Thursday afternoon with many new players, Hank and his wife Emma, George and Claire...Joel and I taught four new players. One new player Leo from California is an excellent player, his brother Don played last Tuesday for the first time. Don is from Salt Springs Island, he plans to start a pickleball program in the new Community Centre there. After pickleball, we all have coffee and chat with each other for two hours. Last Thursday about 16 players also stayed for coffee afterwards that we all want to start a Thursday coffee time as well as Tuesday's snack and coffee time.

At night four courts were full with about 20 players, Grant, Matt, Mike, Emily and her friend and many other new players. Dave, Mike and I taught four new players with attendant Jimmy's assistance. New players were so happy to learn how to play a game because rallying can be pretty boring. Tonight was very cold outside -4 C.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rules and Equipment Conformity by PCA

At the Pickleball Canada Association's Annual General Meeting Feb 19,2010, the Board has voted and approved to abide by the international rules and equipment conformity of International Federation of Pickleball.

The debate over rules and specifications has gone on much too long and has promoted divisions within the Canada's Pickleball community. PCA Board has finally put that debate to rest as it pertains to sanctioned tournaments.

This decision now paves the way so that the PCA can conform with the rest of the global Pickleball community. It means that Apike and Hush paddles will be banned from PCA sanctioned tournaments because they do not meet material specifications under the international rules of International Federation of Pickleball.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

High School Students Enjoy Pickleball

Wednesday's "New to Pickleball" with four courts filled with new players. Mike and Dave were host/instructors because Joel is sick. Both Mike and Catherine have volunteered for two months. Mike taught new players Colin, Lorraine, Louise and a new attendant Emily. About 12-15 students Grade 11 - 12 and their P.E. teacher from Yale High School were trying out pickleball and some of them played very well for the first time. Dave and Mike taught them the basics of the game: how to serve, two bounce rule, no-volley zone etc.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pickleball Helps to Cure Back Pain

About 23 players Tuesday afternoon, 3 new players Hank, Sheila and Michelle's daughter Page. Mike played with Page who played very well for the first time. I played with Sheila and Hank who is an excellent player. Other excellent players: Matt, Ben, George, Jerry, Terry, Rhys, Casey, Dave, Mike, Pat, Annette. We all enjoyed Tom's delicious cheesecake, fig bars, chocolates and red grapes at our happy snack and coffee time with friendly chats among good friends.

Many players told me that playing pickleball helps to cure their back pain. Some golfers with back pain found that their back pain is gone after playing pickleball regularly. Playing pickleball is very good exercise, playing two hours twice a week help to strengthen back muscles to make it stronger. Weak muscles get sore easily. So many people found that they just have fun playing pickleball and their back pain is gone, they also get in shape and feel great!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

28 Players Thursday Afternoon, 7 New players

About 28 players showed up Thursday afternoon on 8 courts with 7 new players: Garth, Herb, Christina, Paul, Joan, Ben and Jerry. Garth and Herb are strong young players, Mike and Grant taught them. Dave and I taught Christina. Ben, Jerry, George, Rhys, Casey and Herman are joining us as regular players at ARC.
Feb 15 - Tom
Feb 22 - Catherine
Mar 1 - Richard
Mar 8 - Michelle
Mar 15 - Pat
Mar 22 - Jane
Mar 29 - Annette

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Positions Open for Area Ambassadors, B.C.

We are very pleased to announce that Pickleball Canada Association has appointed six Area Ambassadors in B.C.: Kamloops, Trail, Peachland, Vancouver North Shore, Abbotsford and Nanaimo. (Updated Feb 28/11: 7th Ambassador appointed in Victoria, B.C.)

Area Ambassador positions are still open for Richmond, Surrey, Chilliwack, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Ladner, Tsawassen, Vancouver, Cloverdale, Tsawassen, Point Roberts, Salmon Arms, Oliver, Penticton, etc.

If you are interested to apply, please fill out the application form: and email it to Dave and Shirley Shepherd (PCA Provincial Ambassadors for B.C.) at for recommendation.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is a beautiful 'ABBOTSFORD PICKLEBALL' logo designed by Tom's granddaughter who is an Emily Carr Arts student. Tom, Al, Richard and Bill are already wearing shirts with this logo. If you would like to purchase this logo on your shirt, please contact Tom and give him a shirt to have the logo sewn on for only $10.

Round Robin Tournament Winners

Tournament Winners: First Place: Mike, Second: Jerry, Third: Casey

Round Robin Tournament with 16 players played 6 games in two hours. Catherine, Ben, Joan, Bill, Herman, Richard, Terry, Casey, Pat, Mike, Dean, Annette, John, Tom, Jerry, and Dennis. My son Mike won the first prize ribbon and a jar of 'pickles'. Jerry won the second prize ribbon. Casey won the third prize ribbon. Unbelivably four players tied for 4th place and two tied for 5th place.
Total scores of the top 9 players:
#1 - Mike 66
#2 - Jerry 64
#3 - Casey 59
#4 - Terry - 50 tie for 4th
#5 - Ben - 50 tie for 4th
#6 - John 50 tie for 4th
#7 = Tom 50 tie tie for 4th
#7 - Annette 48 tie for 5th
#8 - Pat 48 tie for 5th
After doing so many round robin tournaments, it looks like it does help to rank players quite well. Mike and Jerry are definitely A players so they won first and second place. The other players seem to score higher or lower according to their skill levels. Everyone had a great time today with lots of fun and competition !!!
ARC meeting with Kim Wilkinson is postponed till next week.