Saturday, November 28, 2009

Discussion at Social Time this past Tues... 11/24

Always a great time chatting and snacking on tues. after Pic workout.

Topics discussed around the snack table where..
-PB Lessons starting sometime in mid/late Dec, Grant to coordinate
-PB Tournament in spring 2010 at ARC, take those lessons to win gold
-Input on Abby PicBall t-shirts/golf style shirts, so we look even better
-Our PB playing during Olympics, ARC will be "live site" (general public will be able to drop in and view LIVE Olympic events at ARC on big screen)
-An exhibition PB game to be played by our group during "live site" Olympic time, spreading Abby PB excitement/fever to the world.... take those lessons

Dec - Tues 4:00 pm Snack Schedule & Potluck Dinner Dec 15th

Below is the "every Tues. after game" Snack schedule of who is bringing their choice of snacks....
Snacks & drinks in Seniors Room at entrance to ARCs east door.

Thanks to all the contributors of goodies for November,
Tues Dec 1 4pm - Annette
Tues Dec 8 4pm - Dave & Shirley
Tues Dec 15 4:30 - 6:30 pm Potluck Dinner
Please email or tel. Grant at
to indicate what category you would like to contribute to
- Appetizers - Salads - Main course - Deserts

Or.. Or.. Or..

Just click in the "comments" area below and enter your item that you will bring + your name. Then in "comment as" dropdown menu click on Anonymous, then click Post Comment.
So far we have.....
Mandy/Ken - salad
Shirley/Dave/Mike - main dish & appetizer
Annette - appetizer
Henry/Rita - salad
Jack/Sharon - main dish
Heather - main dish
Henrietta - dessert
Any questions email Ken at -

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009


A big thank you to Dave, Shirley and Mike for posting the Nov 17 & 19th Videos of PickleBall action at ARC - Abbotsford Recreation Centre. Good camera work Dave...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Abby PickleBall tee shirts....

Is anyone interested in our own "Grant designed" Abby PB tee shirts. On the ARC Abby PB posters he already has a starter design with the " (I) (a heart) (a green pickle) (a ball), a quick glance says it means "I love pickle ball" Let us know what you think, or any other suggestions are welcome... use comment area below to give your opinion. In order to view "comments" for any subject, look beside the comments and if there is a number 1, 2 or higher number it means that is how many comments are there, click comments and you can see what the comments are and add you own...

Pic Paddles for sale...

See Grant for purchasing your own custom balanced PickleBall paddle. Great selection of weight, colour (to match your Pic dude clothing) and handle length. Guaranteed to improve your winning shots by ... ??? percent % % %

Interested in PB Lessons

Is anyone interested in improving your PickleBall performance through lessons? Grant along with two others are attending a "train the trainers" course on Dec 2/09 and then in Jan, have those 3 trainers/coaches available to give lessons to fine tune and improve your game, or just learn the basics.. Nothing worse than trying to correct bad habits, so why not take some lessons at the start of your PB career....
Please indicate if you are interested taking some lessons in the comment area below... or speak to Grant directly..