Sunday, August 4, 2013

Golfers love Pickleball

With beautiful suuny weather outside, some of our pickleball friends are playing golf now.  Janet and Jennifer discovered pickleball last year, now they are playing both golf and pickleball.  Dave plays pickleball 3 times a week and golf 5 times a week.  In B.C.'s milder climate, he plays golf 11 months of the year (he will not play when it snows).  He has had 4 holes in one in his lifetime, a fantastic record.  Lately he has been playing so well that he shot 2 under par last week.  His handicap went down from 11 to 7.   Summer time golfers handicaps go down because the ball travels faster in warmer weather.  Today he is playing in a 2 days tournament in North Bellingham Golf Course.  He sure enjoys golf and pickleball !!

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