Thursday, November 25, 2010

ARC Meeting with Sara Wood, Input, Discussion

Twelve dedicated players played on a snowy day, freezing -4 C., even though the roads were a bit slippery and icy. We shoveled our driveway and tried to avoid driving down very steep slopes. Snow on rooftops of houses look like icing on a cake and coniferous trees look like Christmas trees on a card, very pretty.

It was a good meeting with Sara Wood with nine players in attendance with input, comments and questions to explore solutions to enhance our pickleball group. Sara has finished the 'new to pickleball' booklet for new players. The 'Pickleball Etiquette' poster is too long for printing so some players helped her to shorten it.

Sara has found an instructor who will be teaching ARC pickleball staff. The cost for group lessons are too high so she will be using volunteers to teach 'new to pickleball' beginners on Wednesdays 1:30-3:30pm starting in January. Joel will be communicating with new players and encouraging them to come back again. Sara is planning to have a second annual Open Tournament at ARC next year.

Sara may contact the local newspaper to print an article on our pickleball group in order to attract some new players. Please contact Sara if you have any further comments and inputs.

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