Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Pickleball @ ARC

Wow, where has this past year of 2009 gone? It sure did fly by fast. Oh well, time doesn't stand still, it only helps us become more intense about pickleball.
Pickleball at ARC will not happen (afternoons or evenings) on Thursdays December 24, & December 31st. They will still happen on Tuesdays, and come January we will be into our regular pickle days, and pickle times. As was mentioned this past Thursday night pickleball session that draws alot of university, and young adult crowd; they are really loving pickleball and want to push for more time slots in Abbotsford. We are looking at the possibility of another evening, and maybe another day-time slot...We'll keep you posted:)
Think of more friends, neighbours, co-workers who you think might be interested in fulfilling their New Years Resolutions with some exercise mixed with a whole bunch of friends and fun.
Send this blog-site to them, invite them out to one of our times, or demonstrate with them in their backyard/driveway.

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  1. We suggest Monday, Wednesday, Friday for daytimes and Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We are sure that they will be well supported...Dave, Shirley and Mike


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