Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolution Ideas for 2011

New Year's Resolution Ideas for 2011
Make more time for family and friends
giving up smoking/drinking
Start exercising
Go back to school / take a class
Get out of debt
Advance in your career, make more money
Lose weight
Set aside some personal time for yourself each week
Get out and be more sociable - make new friends
Learn something new - learn French, learn to play Pickleball etc.
eating a more healthy diet
saving more money
smile and be more positive and outgoing
Do some volunteer work
Accept yourself and be happy with what you've got.
Get regular doctors visits, exams, and physicals
Visit a new destination
Drive safer
Watch less television

The years just keep flying by - we must enjoy every day ....
We wish you and your families all the very best in 2011.
Dave, Shirley and Mike

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  1. And a very Happy New Year to the Shepard Family. Thanks for all you do in contributing to our Abby Pickle-Ball blog and group activities. On behalf of all the Picklers ThankYou....
    Ken & Mandy


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