Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pickleball Canada Volunteer Instructors

Dave, Mike, Herb and I volunteered to be Pickleball instructors for a 2nd day for Pickleball Canada as requested by Surrey School Board for their 'Dream Camp' Program. We taught about 85 students in two other schools today, morning and afternoon classes, ages from Kingergarten to Grade 7.

We played different games with them. One tossed a ball and the other hits it, they switched sides after a few minutes (this gets them to be able to hit a ball). One game that they enjoyed: they line up to hit a ball, if they hit it back to the instructor, they go back to the back of the line, if it goes sideways, they have to pick up the ball and sit out, the last one in the lineup is the winner. Then boys in one line, girls in one line to play the same game. Most children cannot hit a ball at first, but after one and half hour, they can even rally. They also learned how to serve and the older ones even leaned how to play a game. Everyone enjoyed it including their teachers!

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