Thursday, March 10, 2011

Staff Training &Teaching Students in Spring Break

About 22 players showed up on a rainy Thursday afternoon. 3 new players: Iris played very well for the first time. Colin is an avid cyclist so he plays well and runs fast. Another new player Joanne played a couple of times. Martin is back from California after two months away. About 12 players enjoyed coffee and chat with each other. New players really enjoyed meeting new friends at coffee time.

At 7:30pm, four courts were packed with players. Henry, Andre, Mike and two other good players played many competitive games. At least 12 new young energetic players were happily rallying but most of them left after less than half an hour. I interviewed some new players and they would love to learn how to play the game. We need instructors to teach them at night. Dave and I will be training ARC staff next week to teach them how to play, teach, encourage and arrange games for new players so they stay longer and come back. We will also be teaching over 100 students in Surrey during Spring break. Any volunteers who would like to help, please let us know.

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