Sunday, August 29, 2010

14 Regular Players in Survey for a Commitee

We would like to thank Ken for suggesting to form a committee to enhance our pickleball group. We welcome all suggestions.

The first question before forming a committee is "Do we need or want to form a committee at this time?" A survey of 14 regular players with this question, YES or NO:
11 players said "NO", 1 player "undecided", 2 players "Not interested".

There are pros and cons of a committee. Some comments were:
"We only have 30 regular players and eight courts will be available, so we don't need a committee".
"We are happy with the way things are, why change anything?".
"I'll rather not play. People retire so they don't have the stress of committee meetings".
"People only want to come to play pickleball".
"If there are more players in the future. ARC can add more time".
"If people want lessons, ARC can add lessons".

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