Monday, August 9, 2010

Eight Courts Available Thursday Afternoons

Sarah Morris said "We have been able to book all 8 courts for Thursday afternoon Pickleball for the remainder of the summer. Unfortunately, only 4 courts are available on Tuesdays - we have children's floor hockey classes scheduled in Gym #1 at the same time as Pickleball.

I am working on finding a staff member to take care of set-up and take-down and will hopefully have someone in place within the next week.

I will look at our schedule for the fall to see if we can accommodate all 8 courts on both Tuesday and Thursday afternoon."

It looks like we will have to use the seat lineups on Tuesdays so players will play in an orderly fashion (NO CHEATERS PLEASE)- players should sit at the back of the seat line after their game is finished, the players who waited the longest at the front of the seat line will play at the next available court. And please don't continue to play after your game is finished and need to be asked to leave the court to let others play. We also may have to play to 9 only so the games finish quickly so others can play. Your co-operation is needed to be fair to everyone !!!

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