Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3 Reasons Why Pickleball is the Perfect Sport By RodneyGrubbs
Players in Florida, Arizona and Washington have known about it for years. But it seems the rest of the country is just beginning to find out about, what just might be...the perfect sport. I fell in love with it immediately, as has every single person I have introduced to the sport.

REASON NUMBER 1: When you learn about pickleball, one of the first things you realize is that it is a sport for almost any age. I have seen six-year old girls having a blast by keeping the ball going back and forth across the net. I have also seen some of the sport's legends who are well over 80 years old. I have to wonder who the oldest current player is. Anyhow, anyone, any age can play pickleball.

REASON NUMBER 2: When you learn about pickleball, you'll quickly find that you can get just about any level of cardio exercise that you want. Want a super cardio workout? Just find a good opponent and play a game or two of singles. Even though the court is significantly smaller than a tennis court (its the same size as a badminton court), the time it takes to cover the court is much shorter than tennis so you get your heart rate up in a hurry. Want a more leisurely pace? Then find three other players, grab your pickleball paddles and enjoy a game of doubles. Doubles can be played by almost anybody regardless of their age or athletic ability. The physical movement is much less, but the fun is just as rampant.

REASON NUMBER 3: And finally, playing this sport could not be more affordable. Grab a pair of tennis shoes, shorts and t-shirt and you are dressed and ready. High-tech clothing is certainly not needed. The only pickleball equipment needed is a pickleball paddle. Since the paddle has no strings to break, you essentially make a small one time purchase and, if you buy a decent one, you are set for life. So anyone, any age can play, get any level of exercise you desire and it costs next to nothing? Sounds Perfect!

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