Tuesday, August 17, 2010

30 Players Too Crowded on Four Courts Again

Today was a frustrating day with 30 players crowded into four courts. We should go back to the seat lineup system which worked well. The new system of court 1 and 2 for competitive A & B and court 3 & 4 for recreational players was a disaster: court 1 was crowded with about 10 players waiting, court 2 with a few players waiting, court 3 and 4 with nobody waiting at all and sometimes sat empty. Court 1 players refused to play with court 3 & 4 players and they tried to barge into court 2. One player who barged in front of the line before still did that again in court 1. Many players were upset. Only some good players were willing to play with players in court 3 & 4.

One player said he felt the animosity in players. Another player said the word 'recreational' is putting people down because they want to play with better players but court 1 & 2 players refused to play with them. Recreational players also want to be competitive. Players waiting in court 1 & 2 won't play in court 3 & 4 even when it was empty because they don't want to be called 'recreational'.

A new attendant tried his best to get people to play in order but it was not controllable because they won't listen to a young new attendant. Hopefully we can get a better system with co-operation from everyone !!!

We were glad to see Herb came back to play with us. Thanks to Tom for bringing two delicious cheesecakes and five lbs. of red grapes which made snack time so enjoyable !!!

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