Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Suggestions for a Committee, Potluck Dinner 09/28

About 30 players played on Tuesday afternoon on four court. We were so glad Grant came back to play with us because we enjoy playing with him and he made the atmosphere very friendly. People were actually happy today even though there were some waiting for games. The courts were set up with one 'A', two 'B' and one 'R', but nobody cared which courts they played in. Four "A" players even played in 'R' court, "R" players played in "A" court, all players took turns to play, everyone enjoyed many games and had friendly chats on the benches.

We thanked Rita for bringing the delicious watermelon and cookies which we all enjoyed. Ken suggested we set up a committee with four players in charge, he will send an email to ask all players to attend next Tuesday's snack time to decide on it. Many players had inputs into this discussion:
"We should have players of different levels to be on the committee so all level of players are represented."
"Players who will be away in the south should not be on the committee."
"I would like to be on the committee, I can appoint someone during my absence."
"We should vote on who will be on the committee."
"I suggest we put our names down on a board to play."
"The one lineup works well except players may play with the same players unless one or two players change places."
"I want to play with better players to improve"
"Do we play with our own kind (level) or is this a drop-in pickleball so players play with different people?"
"There should be no problem when we get 8 courts in the fall, but the number of players may increase."
A new attendant Joel said "I want to be on the committee."

We set up a new snack time schedule and a potluck dinner scheduled on Sept 28 before the snowbirds go down south. Please put a comment on what you would like to bring for potluck dinner or just let me know. See schedules on the right side of the blog.

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