Friday, August 27, 2010

Thanks Shirley

When we had our discussion this past Tuesday at snack time, I think we were all amazed when the question was asked how many people read the Abby PB blog. Since we started it nearly a year ago it has evolved into a great source of information, ideas, great pictures and a consistent update of what is happening at ARC Pickleball and also links to PB info from around the globe.
A Big Thank You to Shirley Shepherd for doing an amazing job.
Our challenge is have the blog as THE central point of information for our group. So, what are the benefits of reading our Abby PB blog...

- coaching videos on how to play PB - 10 UTude videos by Coach Mo
- comments on routine court etiquette
- court safety tips
- update on current attendees
- pictures & videos of our facility and players
- snack list contributors for Tuesday after game social time
- links to happenings on the World court of Pickleball
- PB tournaments and BC Senior Games info
- anyone can comment on postings and club direction
- how to catagorize yourself as a player
the way I see it...


  1. Ken,

    Thanks very much for your very kind comments. Our blog receives about 20 visits per day. I enjoy doing the blog and helping whenever I can.


  2. Shirley, is there any way of finding out where our visits are coming from. Whether they are local of beyond??? Why don't we have a contest (find Emo) for those who read the blog, lets talk about it.

  3. Ken, there is no way of finding out who reads the blog, people don't want to tell, some locally and a lot are also from out of town and globally.
    At our meeting last time, there were at least 7 players read it: Dave, Mike, me, Ken, Catherine, Henry, Grant, Julie also reads it to find out who's bringing snack. Many other players told me that they read it sometimes.

    I would like to ask Allen and Julie about having a mini round robin tounament before they go to Arizona. Carol did it a year ago that everyone play with different players (16 players) and mark down their scores on the board and sum it up at the end, the one with the most scores win the first place (I will provide a surprise prize to the first place winner). We should hold it every three to four months to improve the level of play with competition and a lot of fun.


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