Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Comments


23 players came to Pickleball on Thursday afternoon, another great turnout!
Although we only had 4 courts in use, everyone seemed to get plenty of opportunities to play.
Time on the bench gave lots of opportunities for people to vent their frustrations about play on Tuesday.
There were many unhappy comments from regular players, and its probably the result of our growth....(which is good!!!)
Growth means more players and that means our court requirements are greater and it becomes increasingly necessary to have cooperation from everyone.
All of us were new players at one time or another. We all benefited from other more experienced players playing with us , explaining the rules, and giving encouragement along the way. Most of our players are really good this way. The better players can really help to bring along the less experienced and it only requires a small amount of time.
Most players enjoy playing with other players of the same level or better, but playing occasionally with some less experienced players is helping the sport to grow and the general level of play to improve.
A big thank you to Carol for taking the initiative and trying to come up with a system for us to use that will work. We maybe have not yet found the right one. Carol is always willing to play with some of the less experienced players and sets a great example for other A and B players to follow.
We will continue to try and find a system that works well in Abbotsford.

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