Saturday, August 28, 2010


Some players had injuries due to falls from running backwards, running too fast to hit a ball, running into other courts, or not wearing the proper running shoes (sandals and hiking shoes are not for running and some mark the gym's wooden surface). Balls should be thrown at the back of the court, not across courts that interrupt play and a running ball may cause injuries. Some safety rules are:

Safety rules #3 NEVER swing your racquet if there is any chance of hitting someone. Simply call an interference and replay the point.

Safety rules #4 - Never leave the court to go after a ball. (New players tend to run into other courts to get the ball that can cause injuries and interrupts play)

Safety rules #8. Players may not volley in the non-volley zone.

Safety rules #9 - Do not smash nets and racquets on the ground.

Safety rules #10 - Do not jump over the nets.

Safety rules #11 - Report any accidents to the attendant immediately.

Read 12 Pickleball safety rules:

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