Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So Nice to have Grant Back In Charge of Pickleball

What a relief to have Grant back in charge of pickleball after his absence as Summer Camps Co-ordinator for two months, we were all happy to see him back !!! He made the seat line worked very well with about 28 players in four courts and everyone is happy to get fair play time in an orderly fashion.

Five new players Brian, Danny, Gerry, Matt and Pat played for a second time. Terry brought his wife Anne who was playing for the first time. Nice to see Ganbat back from his trip to Mongolia. Carol and Dorothy came from Chilliwack to play with us.

We thanked Julie for bringing cake, cookies, cherries and grapes. So nice that Grant made the coffee for us so we could play longer. Carol made an announcement introducing a new system for court 1 for competitive A players, court 2 for competitive B players, court 3 and 4 for recreational players. When we get eight courts, one court will be for beginners. We hope it will work well.

I thanked Sarah Morris for booking all eight courts on Thursdays for the rest of the summer for us and she will let me know if we can get all eight courts to play in the fall. I told her that we are so glad to have Grant back in charge that everything went smoothly.

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