Monday, December 27, 2010

Massive Winter Storm Hits Atlantic Canada & U.S.

A few weeks ago Europe was being hammered by unusually cold weather and heavy snow, severely disrupting public transportation. Today a massive winter storm hits Atlantic Canada and northeast USA with 50 cm. of snow and high winds of 90-150 mph. Airports are closed with 2,000 flights cancelled, disrupting air, rail, and road traffics. Stranded passengers were given cots and blankets overnight in airports. Thousands of people are without power.

In Florida, our pickleball friends play pickleball with jackets and warm sweatshirts on outdoor courts at temperature 30-50 F. On the west coast, we are enjoying mild weather of 7C.(45F) that Dave even played golf yesterday (without winter golf hand warmers). After one week without pickleball (pickleball is additive, we need the exercise and to see our friends), we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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