Sunday, April 18, 2010

Safety Reminders to Prevent Injuries

Three days ago Dave fell down from running backwards to try to hit a ball. He had a slight wrist sprain. Please remember do not run backwards to get a ball that's out of reach. The right thing to do is to turn around and run forward, Jerry is good at that.

Safety Reminders:

o Do not run backwards

o Be careful running forward to get that low bouncing ball

o Calling “ball on court”

o Walking behind courts where play is ongoing

Some injuries that occurred:
1. Five days ago Catherine suffered a sprained ankle from running forward to hit a low bouncing ball and tripped on the ball when she missed hitting it.

2. A week ago Mike bruised his elbow from going over the net too fast and his foot was caught by the net. It is advisable to go under or around the net to go over to the other side.

3. A month ago Matt had an ankle sprain from running too fast to hit a ball out of reach. These painful injuries can take 2-12 weeks to recover depending of its severity.

4. Two months ago my hand was bruised by an aggressive player who hit my hand when he ran over to my court to hit a ball very hard. Please try not to cross over to the other court.

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