Sunday, April 4, 2010

Reduce Back Pain, Maintain Healthy Heart

7 Regular players showed up on Sunday night, Ganbat, Barry, Catherine, Mike, Dave, me and Grant, and 6 new players came in pairs and they enjoyed rallying with each other. Catherine said she really enjoyed the fun and exercise. She has a little back pain, I told her pickleball helps to reduce back & joint pain for many players.
It actually got rid of my back pain due to my injuries before.

Catherine told me she is happy that she has dropped some weight from playing pickleball. Dave, Mike and me all have lost weight, but it does not mean slim people don't need to exercise. British Heart Foundation (BHF) said exercise was essential in maintaining a healthy heart - no matter what your body shape. Slim people need to exercise as much as others in order to stay healthy and keep LDL cholesterol in check. A study found that LDL-cholesterol was similar in obese exercisers and lean exercisers, it would suggest that regular exercise lowers heart disease. It concluded that exercisers were fitter and leaner than those who were sedentary, and had a better chance of not developing cardiovascular disease.

I started to play pickleball almost a year ago as a physical rehab for my severe car accident injuries, it has helped me to recover completely and I feel great (my husband thinks I look great too). Therefore, I am promoting pickleball to help others to improve their health and fitness.

Grant will give me the details of the pickleball tournament at ARC on June 12 next week, then I will post it on the blog.

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