Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pickleball Etiquette & Good Sportsmanship

Pickleball etiquette means good court manners and good sportsmanship makes the game more fun for everyone. We all want to win, but not at the expense of sacrificing ethics. Ethics refers to moral principles of what is right and wrong and how to behave to be good and honorable, such as:

1. Self control - Do not get angry when losing or blame other players, such as: when they lob over your head, when they poach a shot or when your partner miss a shot. Do not make negative hurtful remarks.

2. Respect for others - show respect and appreciation by cheering, complimenting others instead of criticize and complain.

3. Positive attitude - keeping a positive attitude will make you play better and more fun for everyone.

4. calling a shot fairly: Each side is required to call the faults that occur on their side of the net. When you are not sure if the ball is in or out, then it is 'in', give your opponent the benefit of the doubt. Do not call your ball 'in' on the other side of the net unless they ask what you saw.

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