Tuesday, April 6, 2010

26 Pickleball Players Tuesday, Coffee & snacks

Allan and Julie are back from Arizona. Welcome back !!!

26 pickleball players on Tuesday afternoon with 10 players waiting to play. Joyce, Sheryl, Michelle, Bob, Frank, Jane, Joan, Ganbat, Jerry, Gord, Barry, Catherine, Annette, Carol, Elaine, Bill, Allan, Julie, Henry, Rita, Al, Richard, Grant, Dave, Mike and me. It looks like we will need 4 more courts open since some snowbirds are back and some more will come back soon.

Carol and Elaine came from Chilliwack. Bob is a new player from Fort Langley. He googled searched the internet (the power of internet) to find the nearest place to play pickleball and found our Abbypickleball site and decided to come out to play in Abbotsford. He Played very well because he was playing pickleball in Texas (the weather was cold and wet there this year). He and the other snowbirds said that Americans played too competitively down there so sometimes it was no fun at all. We have a friendly group of people that we enjoyed coffee, snacks and chat afterwards.

Grant said the First Annual Abbotsford Pickleball Tournament will be on June 27. He will give out the details later.

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