Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Results of 16 Players Round Robin Tournament

16 players played 7 games in a Round Robin Tournament in 2 hours: Allan T, Bill, Mike, Frank, Herb, Terry, Rita, Elaine, Joan, Ken, Mandy, Annette, Barry, Catherine, Allan H, Henrietta. Barry scored 11 in every game, his total score was 77. Congratulations to Barry on winning the first prize - a jar of pickles marked "Pickleball Champion".
The scores of the top 8 players:
#1 Barry - 77
#2 Frank - 68
#3 Herb - 66
#4 Mike - 59
#5 Annette - 58
#6 Allan T - 57
#7 Terry - 56
#8 Elaine - 54

Everyone enjoyed the competition and had a great time !!!
I was the scorekeeper, Bill added most of the scores very quickly for me to determine the winner. We all enjoyed it so much that we will do another round robin tournament again soon !!! There were six players who did not play in the tournament but they were able to enjoy many games on the other courts. We thanked Terry for bringing the delicious muffins and red grapes which we all enjoyed !!!

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