Tuesday, September 21, 2010

35 Players Tuesday, Snack, 17 Players At Night

All eight courts were full with 35 players with a few players waiting to play. Nice to see Martin, and Mel and Jean from Calgary. Two new players were Allan H's wife Lisa and Bill's son Jim. Grant put new grips on Jane's and my paddle. At snack time there were 25 people, I brought a strawberry cake, homemade apple pies and watermelon.

We congratulated Ken, Mandy, Jane, Henry and Carol for winning seven gold and one silver medals at the B.C.Seniors Games. What a fun time they had for $50 that included the tournament, two lunches, a dinner with a live band and Elvis as the entertainer (hotel and ferry cost more). It was good that they taught some new players in a training clinic so that they will teach other new players in Campbell River since pickleball is a new game just started there.

At night there were 17 players on eight courts. One family of five enjoyed rallying and two young women rallied very well because they play tennis and racquet balls. Mike and I enjoyed playing with Jerry and Grant. Other strong younger players include Nathan, Matt, Mike and Chris who enjoyed hitting hard shots at each other, lots of fun !!!

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