Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No Voting for a Committee on Sept 7

There will not be any voting for a committee on Tues Sept 7. Ken received an email from Sara Wood, Community Recreation Programmer, City of Abbotsford, ARC:

"In regards to your email and in follow up to our previous conversation. I have spoken with my leadership team and at this time the selection of a committee for pickle ball does not fit within the structure of our drop-in programs. I would still be very interested in meeting with your group to share what I have learned after my research into other successful pickle ball programs and it would give program participants may have the opportunity to voice how we can improve and develop our program. We welcome and appreciate your assistance in this process and propose that we meet at a "yet to be determined" date so that we have time to do our own research and to ensure that the meeting is set at a time that I am scheduled to be in the office. I would estimate that this meeting will take place within a 2 week period and I will follow up with you as soon as a date has been set."

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