Thursday, November 9, 2017

Pickleball and Longevity

Bill played pickleball for 8 years  I taught him how to play in 2009.  He now plays pickleball 5 days a week and he can run on the court like a teenager. Nowadays the courts are full with 50-60 players so about 20-30 players waiting to play in both gyms.

Bill has a Vibra machine in his apartment complex so I wanted to try it before buying one online. I know it helps with blood circulation. Bill was so kind to invite me to his home. Mike and I drove our car behind Bill's car to follow him home. He drives quite fast because he has good eyesight and he does not need hearing aid  He recently bought a new all wheel drive suv and he drives a scooter in the summer.

Bill lives in a senior apartment complex, the hallway has many rooms like a motel   His home has about 500 sq feet with living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and one bedroom.and very clean and tidy. He showed me the paintings, arts and crafts from his daughter and granddaughter. He came to Canada from Holland when he was 18 years old and he has 35 great grandchildren.

In his apartment, I saw one egg on the edge of the stove, he made two boiled eggs in the morning and left one to eat later (egg yolk is good for the brain). His eggs came from his son who has free range chicken on his farm. In his kitchen cupboard, he showed me a bottle of extra virgin olive oil that he takes 2 tablespoons each morning.  He has a large bottle of coconut oil and bottles of honey because he does not eat sugar but uses honey in his coffee. Bill joins our pickleball group for coffee and snacks after playing pickleball. He occasionally drinks a glass of wine. He gets one prepared  meal per day from the complex and he makes his other meals himself with a stove and a microwave.

His apartment is on the 2nd floor and the exercise room is located on the 3rd floor. The complex is quite large with a lot of walking but Bill can run up and downstairs with ease. He showed me a small room with sitting area and an exercise area with a stationary bike, a Vibra machine and a treadmill (another pickelball player told me that her father lived to the age of 94 because he was using a stationary bike for years even when he was blind). I went on the Vibra machine and Bill showed me how to turn up the vibration speed. It vibrated so hard that I can only take the speed up to 20 but Bill can take it up to 30.  He called it "shake and bake" machine. He goes on it every morning for 10 minutes which is equivalent to one hour of jogging. It can help with so many ailments including back pain. That's why he is in such good shape for a 88 years old man. Thanks Bill, I found the secrets of longevity, exercise and diet can play a major role!

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