Friday, November 10, 2017

International Pickleball Tours 2018

International Pickleball Tours with world-class pickleball instructions:
Mexico, Japan, Vietnam & Thailand, Spain

Join us at the newly renovated Tres Palapas Baja Pickleball Resort in Cabo San Lucas Los Barriles, enjoy fun in the sun and improve your pickleball game with national champion, Scott Moore! After playing pickleball at the complex’s new 10 all-professional asphalt 3P courts, treat yourself to a margarita at the rooftop bar or enjoy a massage on the beach. And don’t forget to take advantage of your time off the court to try all the activities available from sea kayaking to ATV riding! |February 3-10 and 10-17, 2018|
Join a cultural exchange to one of the world’s most ancient civilizations. Savor the fresh sushi, explore ancient temples, and witness breathtaking natural landscapes, all while interacting with locals and teaching them about the game of pickleball! You will also have the opportunity to daily improve your own game with playing time and coaching from some of the top pickleball players in the world. This will be a true insider experience as our guide, who lived in Japan for 16 years, takes you to all of the best spots! |May 9 ~ 17, 2018|

Experience not only one, but two of the most beautiful places on the planet while improving your pickleball game with the pros. Southeast Asia is home to spectacular landscapes, exquisite cuisines, fascinating people and a unique mix of cultures. As you explore both Vietnam and Thailand, you will taste and see for yourself why they are some of our personal favorite destinations. |May 18-27, 2018|
SPAIN 2018
A trip to Spain is an adventure into a fairytale. The immense castle-like buildings and unique architecture along with beautiful people and exquisite cuisine are enough to make a great trip. We have combined tours through Madrid and an optional extension to Barcelona with pickleball to create a trip of a lifetime. Receive world-class instruction, take a siesta and refuel with spoonfuls of Paella. This is a trip you do not want to miss! |Madrid & Barcelona only: September 7-14, 2018| Madrid, Barcelona & 2-Day tournament: September 7-16, 2018|

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