Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rules Review Paddle Specifications by USAPA Rules Chair

Rules Review...
Paddle Specifications…
By Dennis Dacey, USAPA Rules Chair

This month I want to cover a couple of the rules concerning paddle specifications. The complete paddle specifications can be found in Rule 2.E., but I will address two items specifically:
  • First is the paddle size. Rule 2.E.3. states, The combined length and width including any edge guard and butt cap shall not exceed 24 inches. There is no restriction on paddle thickness.
I recommend that if you added an edge guard to your paddle you measure the paddle to make sure it is not over the maximum of 24 inches. Many paddle manufacturers are now making paddles that are just under the 24-inch rule, so adding an edge guard might make the paddle illegal.
  • Second, Rule 2.E.5. has been changed so “homemade” paddles are no longer allowed.
Also effective 01/01/2014, all paddles used in sanctioned tournament play must be marked with brand name and model name or model number. These paddles must be offered for sale to the general public and must have passed USAPA tests. Paddles that have been submitted and tested can be found on the USAPA Website under Official Rules, then Paddle Material Specifications of the International Federation of Pickleball

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