Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pickleball arrives in Bridegewater, Nova Scotia

In the month of August 2011 Jerome Tanner, a resident of Bridgewater, NS approached the local Parks and Rec. Department about introducing Pickleball to the residents of the area through their pro-gram offerings. They agreed to do this and purchased the recreation-al paddles and balls. The program began in January 2012 at a local gym where three badminton courts were transformed into Pickleball courts. They offered 2 days a week with instructions given by Mr. Tanner and local resident Greg Crouse.

The games has been well received by the local residents & operates on a pay as you go play and has now expanded to 3 times a week. Monday evenings, Tuesday mornings & Thursday afternoons and most recently with the local "Y" on Saturday afternoons.

Presently they have over 30 players involved with up to 29 playing on any given day. Membership is on the rise with plans to partner with the local Tennis Club next summer for outdoor play.

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