Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Round Robin Tournament at ARC Results

Round Robin Tournament at ARC Results:
Team 1 Brian/Inge Games won 6 Score 75 1st Place
Team 2 Ganbat/Linda Games won 4 Score 68 3rd Place
Team 3 Herb/Elaine Games won 4 Score 64 4th Place
Team 4 Binoo/Casse Games won 6 Score 70 2nd Place
Team 5 JJ/Jane Games won 3 Score 59 5th Place
Team 6 Bill/Allan Games won 1 Score 51 8th Place
Team 7 Dave/Dorothy Games won 2 Score 54 6th Place
Team 8 Mike/Shirley Games won 2 Score 47 7th Place

The tournament was held in gym 2. Gym 1 was also busy with about 12 other players. Thank you, Inge for supplying two large trays of roast beef and ham sandwiches. Everyone was hungry after playing 7 games in two hours. We all enjoyed the coffee and food. Good food, friends, exercise and fun, life is good !!!
Next round robin tournament will be on Tuesday, March 27.

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