Friday, February 3, 2012

Pickleball Canada Westcoast Association Registered in B.C.

Pickleball Canada Westcoast Association (PCWA) is a registered British Columbia non-profit society that was incorporated on Oct.31/2011 in Victoria, B.C. Registration Number: S-0058995. PCWA was established to be the Provincial Sports Organization and governing body for pickleball in B.C.

PCWA is an affiliate of Pickleball Canada and represents and supports all current Pickleball Canada (PCO) members and non members who are residents of British Columbia.

Although Pickleball Canada has had a very strong Provincial presence since Pickleball Canada was first formed, and since we have operated and maintained several websites and blogs to support our PCO members and supporters, we felt it was necessary to register our provincial presence to be able to actively support all our members and supporters in British Columbia when dealing with matters at a provincial level.

All five Directors of PCWA are Canadian citizens and residents of British Columbia, and are actively involved in promoting and furthering the development of pickleball in the Province of B.C..

PCWA follows IFP rules, as does Pickleball Canada Organization , All India Pickleball Association as well as USAPA.
For further information please visit our websites and We can be contacted by email and

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