Friday, July 23, 2010

Welcome Many New Players Thursday Night

About 18 regular players Thursday afternoon. Dave accidentally hit his leg with the paddle and bruised his leg. Two weeks ago he fell on his front from running fast to hit a ball and bruised his ribs and wrist but it still has not stopped him from playing golf and pickleball. Today he was so happy to shoot 70 (two under par) on the golf course.

There was a lot of new younger players Thursday night. One new player told me she really enjoys playing pickleball for the first time. We still encounter so many people who asked "What is pickleball?" which requires a lengthy explanation. Grant and Ashley (a new host and attendant) were teaching some new players. Ashley said there were so many players last Thursday night that they almost needed eight courts. I had fun playing some close games with Brian and Gene and we were teaching a new player. Gene only played a few times and he plays very well already. Brian played for about a month and he also plays extremely well because he is a racquetball player.

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